The Infected: featured version

For some reason the test version seems to be available on my profile to anyone who looks :joy:
I don’t have a hand in the featured version so I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I have been told it’s “very likely” that they’re going to release it mostly as is. Can’t say for sure if that’s true or not, but it is a possibility.

Though when they say “as is”, I do hope they’ll at least fix my typos and speech bubble errors because I know for a fact there are still some in there. Also they really need to speed up some of my transitions, pans and walking in the early chapters because that ish is slooooow…


I have the featured version. I hope they don’t ruin it because the story is very good. And I already know what happens, I don’t want to reread. Plus gem choices. I really hope that there are slim to no gem choices.


It’s released to public, they made a post about it.

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Season 1 isn’t finished, right? So you’ll do the rest of the episodes in S1?

Yeah, I updated the OP when I saw the IG announcement.

Yes, you are correct. Still stuck on the season 1 finale :joy:

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Scrath that, I have just played up to episode 4 and they started the gem choices for gaining more characters point or getting the clues you missed on episode 2
But only on the end of the episode

PS: As Episode is known for shorten stories, I most likely will read the original version after :woman_shrugging:t5:


The Infected is finally featured, yasssssssssssssssssss, This, under you and dirty little secrets are like one of the best stories out there they all need to be featured dlr have 32.5M reads

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Oh my gosh it’s caitoriri!

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It sounds like they’ve just left it completely the same… typos, speech bubble fails and all :grimacing:
There are actually gem choices in the original episode 1, but only if you fail to get the points with Tamira and Cody or either of the two survival points.

I’m actually confused as to whether it went through proper testing before release or not, because I didn’t get anyone telling me they’d seen it until yesterday (except for on my profile, where it’s been visible for a week… but let’s face it, only people who have already read it are gonna find it there).


Well I replayed the first episode just to reset my character points but the BG characters where standing when they should be sitting or walking backwards instead of walking rear that’s why I didn’t reread the second episode

Yes, I had to look into your profile to see it

Firstly- Congratulations! :smiley:

I wonder how they’ll end it then, since the original version isn’t finished.

I still can’t really see it. It’s not on my what’s hot, but it’s on my “popular on Episode” if I scroll right to the end. :upside_down_face:. I never would have found it if I hadn’t been actively looking.


Thanks Elise!
They’ve been doing that with a few of the new featured community stories recently. They did it to How to be a Princess too and still haven’t put it on its genre shelf.
I’m not surprised that it’s not on the What’s Hot section, because for new stories, their placement on that is determined by popularity during testing results, and TI was in testing for about all of 7 seconds, so…:joy:

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It would be nice if horror/thriller actually had a featured genre shelf :smirk:


Now it has a grand total of one story :joy:
That isn’t showing there.


I guess I do feel like there should be more variety of genres, and less drama and romance that’s why I love horror stories (good horror stories) Not nonsense like ‘‘lemongrass’’ that were so app made

One is better than none lol. They should create this shelf, just for your story (for now) because surely that would give them some idea of whether it would be worth featuring more horror/thriller stories in the future? If there’s actually a visible featured story there?


They have a shelf for them like in the other genres, but it’s just full of community thriller and horror stories instead for some reason :joy:
I might need to email them to remind them to put it up there with them, buuut… I hate drafting emails :see_no_evil:

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Well more an more stories are getting featured and they have been removing so many if you have not noticed

And i love community stories btw