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Hiya! So, recently I have had a lot of trouble finding stories to read because- Yes! I’m an INK lover. :sneezing_face: I just can’t read limelight stories but lately it’s mostly limelight stories on the shelves and you have to dig deep to find a good INK story (that has also been updated recently and/or completed). So for all the other INK readers out there I am creating a library of INK stories in all the genres and will include their amazing authors. I may keep adding onto this.
If you have any suggestions, including your own story, let me know and I will add it to the library.
Thank you.

  • Your Silhouette- Anya


  • WARRIORS- Amywr_ites

  • Wings of Light- How_Novel

  • The Art Of Trolling- Hanna K.M.


  • Shadows of the Past- Coni B.

  • Death’s Game: A New Era- earlgreytea

  • LEGACY- Natasha Hills

  • Never Trust A Pirate- elena.

  • STRUCK- lexi mae

  • Beneath the Surface- S. Langdon

  • Moonlit Feathers- Wincy W.

  • In Love with the Whisperer- Ruby L. Lee

  • Bound to the Lust Demon- Dean Rivers

  • Dead Wings- writtenby.alex

  • Half Demon Half Angel- Julie.R

  • The Supernatural Family- Julie.R

  • Four Kingdoms- PL

  • The Wizard’s Curse- Queen Neen

  • The Lost Legacy- Rasha S.

  • My Alpha- CjWritesStories

  • Dragon In Me- Oliviahemmings<3

  • Birds of Passage- Brooke Adair

  • The Tales of The Mage and The Mapmaker- kenai (mine)

  • FROME 1958- YPWrites

  • Episodeworld- Sally I.

  • Cafe Paradox- MorningStar

  • Identical- Samantha Marie
  • Haunted: Brook- Antika
  • Thriller: Voodoo- Miumi.Hp
  • ISADORA- Sarah Anne
  • Resiliencia- Nat C.
  • Cool Fools- Tina
  • Tear In My Heart- Lils
  • Back and Forth- earlgreytea
  • Hunting Bad- Hope Moon
  • Rebounding with Bad- Talia Rose
  • MAID FOR YOU- Alex Light
  • Heart Over Wheels- Eleanor G. Fraser
  • The New Girl- Saige Mercer
  • I Broke My Rules for You- Talu
  • Mr. Anonymous- Cassie
  • Speed Dating- Ija
  • The Teacher- Mette M. Peleikis
  • My Sugar Baby Affair- YPWrites
  • Friends Without Benefits- rene
  • Iridescent- Indigo
  • Attracted to the Nerd
  • Dear Lilly- Mónica
  • Your Secret Admirer
  • His Heart- J.J
  • Ruin Me- Hannah
  • Forbidden Love- Kathleen
  • Last Night on Earth- reyna elizabeth
  • Pretty Woman- Alice Santiago
  • Feening- M. Black
  • Thorn & Roses: 3:04AM- Natasha Stories

Thx sm for this , I’m a INK lover too . I can deal with LL but I prefer INK and honestly I’ve read almost all INK stories and I found some new ones on your post .

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I’m glad you have found some new stories to read. :laughing:
If you have any recommendations too you can post them here.
Thank you.

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Sorry if you have already listed some of these…

Of flesh and fire : Tuesday Cross

Intoxicating Kisses : Miss Mj

My charming Vampire : BEA

Pregnant and flirty : Megan Beverly

Baby on board : Sammer B.

Engaged To A Vampire : Episode Account

Engaged To A Vampire 2 : Episode Account

Engaged To A Vampire 3 : Episode Account

Pregnant by a Celebrity : Latrichia Lake

Magic Mirror : Alya F.

My Episode Lover : Anneliese Allen

Pregnant and Powerful : Kelly Marie

Falling For you : Crystal

Could He be the one ? : Crystal

Dark Dreams : Viola Musaraj

The Shadows : Taryynxo

The Shadow Girl : Marceline B.

The Power Of Light : mimy.episode

Pregnant By Her Boyfriend : Adeline Sky

STRIPPED : Chantelle. M

LEGACY : Natasha Hills

LOVE DIAGNOSIS : Natasha Hills

Ice queen : Kattie Black

The New York Gang : V.S

Cold Assassin : Siana

The Infected : Caitoriri


I Despise You : Costa

Assassian ruthless : Hazella

Gangster Loving : Zara Amelle

Accidentally A Vampire : Bbygirlbrooks

Accidentally A Vampire 2 : Bbygirlbrooks

Dangerous Woman : Claire.story

Love in the Gang : Maddie J.

The New Girl : Saige Mercer

IceZaya The Ice Queen : Nnedi’s Stories

The Darkest Magic : Hannah Paige


Somewhere Along the Way : Coni B.

Bad For My Heart : Michaela Bri

The Mafia Girl : Lexi

Forced Vampire : Hanieh

My Tempting Mistake : Procrastinator RS

Stripped : Miss. Charlie

She’s a Mafia Leader : Melli T.

She’s a Mafia Leader 2 : Melli T.

Bad Royals : LadyDianna

Guns in Herts : Sophie H.

Baby With the Billionaire : M

Death’s Game: A New Era : earlygreytea

Forbidden Chemistry : Anastasia S.

My Sister’s Crush INK : Melissa LaVone

My Sister’s Crush The next chapter (INK) : Melissa LaVone

Chasing The Bad Girl : Melissa LaVone

Despicables : sargym

Dead Or Alive : sargym

Changing for Bad - INK : Shanzella

Hunting Bad : Hope Moon

Hunting Bad 2 : Hope Moon

Assassins of Blackwood : Dana Violet

My Secret Inmate : @wafers.episode

The Deadly Five : V.S

Whiskey INK : Mikayla

Wrapped In Lies INK : Mikayla S.

Rebounding with Bad : Talia Rose

Mate to an Alpha : Juina Star

The Runaway INK : Carllies


Series of a story/go with the story

These are by: Miss Aggie Must read all of them

My Gang Leader:Dominic Rossis
My Gang Leader:Noah Rossi
My Gang Leader: A New era
A second Chance at love
Make it through
Married to the Mafia

Series of a story

These 3/4 stories are by : Rina

Love me if you dare OR Love me if you dare dangerous Attraction ( same thing just one has
more episodes and other has fewer but they are the same thing ,shorter amount of one has longer
episodes while the other one that has more episodes those episodes are kind shorter )

Kill Me If You Dare

Love me if you dare 2 Dangerous Attraction


Oh, Wow! There are some stories I haven’t read there.
Thank you so much for sharing. I may have to check out some of these.

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Thanks for this thread! I’m always on the lookout for INK stories.

Here are some of my favourites. There’s plenty more I like but a lot has been mentioned already.

I consider most below to be underrated/hidden gems:

All Hallows: Small Towns by Andy Dre (Thriller)

Powerless by KT (Action) (Amazing directing.)

Thriller: Voodoo by Miumi.Hp (Horror) (Again, amazing directing.)

Haunted: Brook by Antika (Horror)

All Hallows: The Curfew by Michelle L. (Horror)

Escaping Eternal by Sare - Jinx (Action) (This story reminds me of Ridley Scott’s Alien! And the branching is unlike most stories I’ve seen, where almost every choice you make determines whether each character lives or dies! It’s so much fun. I had replayed it many times and still didn’t manage to save every person. :smiling_face_with_tear:)

Precision Impact by Uwe (Action) (An INK sci-fi favourite. Or maybe one of the best, in my opinion.)

Rebounding From Hades by Bread Inc. (Fantasy)

Dead Wings by writtenby.alex (Fantasy) (I also love the directing in this one. The world in which this story is set is rich and imaginative.)

Mysterious Signals by Antika (Adventure)

bubblegum by Dove (Adventure)

The Cardboard House by Echo Dunkelström (Mystery) (One of my favourite INK detective stories.)

Detenu by J. Miley (Sci-Fi)

Creed by Corn (Action) (This one only has two episodes out but the directing is just chef’s kiss.)

Black Shadow by Alex Af (Fantasy)(Incomplete at the moment.)

And anything by Kay Elle.


These are stories that I’ve read in INK


Hey Unscripted_laughter,

I love both, INK and LL. But I have the following suggestion for you to read. First my only INK-story right now (I have other INK-stories, but they are in an eternal revamp :roll_eyes: )

:point_right: :point_right: 8 episodes, more are following:

Links The Runaway Groom:

Cover The Runaway Groom:


Description: You, a bi-male, runs away the 15th time at the aisle. What are you going to do if number 16 is the first one that ran away from you?? Male MC, Male LI, comedy, little bit of mafia and LGBTQ+

For the rest I recommend you to read:

  • ‘Sunflower’ by @Janine Dela Cruz (romance);
  • ‘The Stripper’ by @DR (romance/drama);
  • ‘Reunited’ by @DR (romance/drama);
  • ‘Retrospective Love: You are my home’ by @DR (romance/drama);
  • ‘Retrospective Love: Love or fight’ by @DR (romance/drama);
  • ‘Retrospective Love: Cross my heart’ by @DR (romance/drama);
  • ‘The Pleasure Room’ by @Miru (mystery);
  • ‘My Alpha’ by @CJWritesStories (romance/lgbtq);
  • ‘My Soldier Messenger’ by @ClareABella (romance);
  • ‘Forum For The Lonely Hearts’ by @ClareABella (romance/drama);
  • ‘Whiskey’ by @Mikayla (fantasy);
  • ‘His Heart’ by @JJ (romance/drama);
  • ‘Changes’ by @Kylie (romance/drama).

Happy reading and stay safe,

Love A-W


I LOVE INK TOO thanks for doing this :heartpulse:


My sister from another Mister. You forgot your Little Star in ink. Our other sister from another misters Alone at the Mall & Dark Angel :innocent:


I’ll add some of my favourites!

Bound to You & Once We Were Shadows by Guadalupe

The Plus One by Castel

The Treasure of San Javier & Somewhere Along The Way by Coni B

Reality & Fixation by Amanda Michele

Speed Dating by Ija

Feeling by M.Black

Unvirtued & Live Wire by Metalicious

The Group Project & Saving Amelia by kw.episode

In The Dark & Because of Her by SA

Waking, The Game & Scorned by Amber J

Thin Blue Line, Farenheit, Haunted Hayden & What Doesn’t Kill Us by Eysenck

Chicanery & Detenu by J.Miley

Wings of Light by How_Novel

Sunflower by Janine Dela Cruz

Finding Ourselves Together by Kat Valentine

The Fundamentals of Heartache by Sofia Ceri

Make Up Your Mind by Bar S

Assassins of Blackwood by Dana Violet


Aw thank you so much for mentioning MSM and FFTLH :slight_smile: You’re awesome! :heartpulse: :black_heart:


Hey sis,

I didn’t forgot ‘Little Star’ INK, because it’s still in revamp. :wink:
But yes, also don’t forget to read ‘Alone at the Mall’ an ‘Dark Angel’ by @NuritAyeletZur.


You’re welcome, hun. I loved reading those stories. :heart:

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Thank you sis :kissing_heart: :heartbeat:


My other sister from another mister

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You’re welcome, hun!!! :heartbeat:

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:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Love you :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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boomp :face_with_peeking_eye: