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the inner circle.
exclusivity, deceit, and the anonymous blogger who decides their fate.

Established in 1891, centered in the middle of Washington D.C., you’ll find Lakeside Academy. Despite its prestigious reputation, the high school is home to the scandalous children of affluent families who seem to cause trouble everywhere they go. Yet, your blue-blooded family line and top-notch grades mean nothing if you aren’t in the Inner Circle.

What’s the Inner Circle, you ask? Well, it’s the most exclusive list of students who are considered the kings and queens of Lakeside Academy. Seven students are hand-picked by the anonymous blogger that terrifies the school. All of them are beautiful and scandalous, the créme de la créme, the Elite of Lakeside Academy. There’s a catch though, the list is ever-changing. After each major event, the list is altered, so it is your job to maintain your spot in the Inner Circle. Be stylish, be bold, be scandalous - no one makes it on the list by being boring. Will you rise to the swavorski-studded occasion or fall into social oblivion?

This roleplay is based on the lives of wealthy teenagers in a prestigious academy, all of whom strive for a spot on the Inner Circle. These seven students are chosen by an anonymous blogger who documents scandals and drama concerning Lakeside student life. Other than belonging to the top of the social hierarchy, sometimes these students have special privileges above the rest, such as a password for a luxury lounge hidden inside the academy, early interviews for one of their preferred colleges, and special dress codes for parties. Who doesn’t want to be part of the In Crowd? Sadly, the list will always be changing, so you have to earn your spot every week.

Rules for Character Creation

  • No limit on characters, but make sure you have at least one male character.

  • Faceclaims must be an age-appropriate, a well-known model or celebrity. They must not be an emo model or a model with a few pictures available. (good examples for faceclaims: madeline ford, noah centineo, lili reinhart, cindy kimberly)

  • No Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues! No one is “queen or king of the school” just yet, that is precisely what the Inner Circle will determine.

  • All the characters, except the freshman, know each other. Let me know if your character is new to the school.

Gossip Blog
Face-claims (coming soon)

Feel free to plot relationships with other characters in this discussion. Keep in mind that most of students know each other already, except for the freshmen and new students.

Also, if you want, you may reserve a leader or co-leader spot for the extracurriculars activities here. First come, first serve. Only one leader spot per character!


Performing Arts Club

  • President: Reserved

  • Vice-President: Reserved

Yearbook Committee

  • President: Reserved

  • Vice-President: Reserved

Football Team

  • Captain: Reserved

  • Co-Captain: Reserved

Foreign Languages Association

  • President: Reserved

  • Vice-President: Reserved

Decathlon Team

  • Captain: Reserved

  • Co-Captain: Reserved

Cheerleading Squad

  • Captain: Reserved

  • Co-Captain: Reserved

Volleyball Team

  • Captain: Reserved

  • Co-Captain: Reserved


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Am I able to reserve captain of the cheer team or did somebody take that?


Nobody has reserved that spot, it’s yours!


I’ll take captain of football team, volleyball team and president of yearbook and performing arts


Awesome, thank you. :slight_smile:


Can I reserve volleyball team captain? oh wait ok co captain


Hi there! I love your enthusiasm! Do you plan on having four characters? I ask because there is only one leadership spot per character and you want to reserve four leadership spots.


Yeah I’m reserving for four!


Ok, perfect!


You got it!


May I reserve for the Vice-president of the yearbook committee?
Also, do we have to have both a male and female character if we are required to have two characters?


It is yours!
To answer your question, yes, it is just to keep the genders even


May I also reserve a yearbook commitee male?


Normal members don’t have to be reserved, each character can choose up to three max. extracurriculars in the sign-ups form.


@khione, what is New Money and Blue Blood?


Can I reserve for president of the Foreign languages association?


New Money is a family line who just newly acquired their fortune, rather than inherited, through innovations, amazing job opportunities, or the lottery.
Blue Blood or Old Money refers to families who have been wealthy for generations, and pass the fortune on.


Ok, it is yours!


What is the purpose of playing a character that isn’t of an upper class if only they are allowed in the inner circle? I’m curious.