The Introduction Thread ๐Ÿ˜Ž



This is The Introduction Thread soโ€ฆ
Letโ€™s introduce ourselves!
U can chat with others if ya want, and make some friends :eyes:

Iโ€™ll start first.


I am SilverStar and u can call me Silver or Star. I have a kingdom called Star Kingdom.

I am 6 years old and I have a fam here. It is really complicated so Imma just say who my parents, sisters, kiddos and my new gf r. My parents r @/BadassSaasha and @/Secretz_lol. My sisters r @/AS007, @/Brooklyn_writes, @/Sarina.K, @/Grace_stars, @/Aerial_author, @/Annamariez. @/VenusPeach and @/JHW. Aaaaaaand my gf is @/Sophbee.

I know this is short but I did type a lot longer than this before and it is gone now. I canโ€™t even remember what I wrote soโ€ฆ thatโ€™s why this is so short.




you know you said this in a public thread thoโ€ฆ Silver?




that is my age in da online worlddd


your online world age is underage for the forums and some random idiot could get you banned or something :joy:


shapeshifts into kiwi
Iโ€™m old enough now