The Land Of Lost Souls- Offical rp thread


The Land Of Lost Souls

Welcome to the Land Of Lost Souls, also know as SoulLand. Maybe you cane here because you weren’t good enough to go to heaven or bad enough to go to hell. Maybe you got lost on your way to your next rebirth. You were probably atheist or satanist, as this is where all of them go when they die. Whatever the case, you’re here now, so enjoy your stay, for all of eternity.

A tyranny has just been overthrown, and SoulLand becomes prosperous again. The new ruler is Kanna Jan, a kind benevolent ruler. Her rules are simple- don’t abuse anyone, and don’t steal. In other words, you can pretty much do what you want. You could work at the cafe, you could design that cafe, you could have a picnic with your newfound lover. Do whatever! But beware of the Dark Force, that the former tyrant controlled. It still lives on.

I am allow 1-2 characters per person, but if you have 2 characters, on has to be male and one female.

Those who have signed up…


Rules for the rp:

Cussing is allowed, just only at times that are appropriate, and use the blur spoiler.
At least 4 sentences per post!
Please use the past tense third person. Example- Raven ate her dinner, which consisted of broccoli and peas. She wasn’t really hungry, but her mom would kill her if she didn’t eat anything.

Current situation: the NewSouls are waking up in the lobby of the dead. If you don’t want to be a NewSoul, you can choose any random place that you feel like to start.


Jessica Ward (Cobra)|Lobby
Jessica open her eyes and don’t understand what she sees. “I’m dead? Where i’m?” she asked herself. She looks around “Anyone here?”.

ORP: It’s my first RP so sorry if i’m do something wrong. And sorry for bad english

@ReeseTheReallyGrumpy i don’t really understand. We can create places or there some specifics places where we can go?


Harry White|Lobby
Harry just minute ago was standing before his friend which was pointed gun to him and now he is standing in the midle of somewhere. He think most like that he is dead now."What’s now? He asked himself.


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Rielle Lotherine | Lobby

Rielle noticed the new souls waking up. Every single year on one particular day, New souls appear. Rielle approached a girl, she looked quite lost.
“Hello, and welcome to SoulLand.”



Jessica Ward (Cobra)|Lobby
She noticed that someone was talking to her. “Hello, what’s soulLand? Aren’t we supossed to go to olimpus after we die?” She asked to girl which was talking to her.


Harry White|Lobby
Harry noticed two girls standing far away from him he headed to them. “Hello! My name is Harry. We are dead right?” Asked he.


Grant Ace

Grant approached a boy that looked quite confused. The boy was a NewSoul, as were most of the others in the Lobby Of The Dead. Walking over to greet him, Grant said, “Hey there, welcome to SoulLand. What’s your name?”


Harry White|Lobby
He heard someone ask his name. He wasn’t sure if that question was for him."My name is Harry. " He answered that question confused. “What are you? Don’t say that you god.”


ORP: I’m not sure if that was for me or not. But my character are only one male so i think it’s for me.


Rielle Lotherine | Lobby

Rielle sighed, how did she get caught up in all of this.
“It is the place where people go because they were not good enough or not bad enough to go to heaven or hell. Dose that help?”



ORP- it was for you, sorry I didn’t specify that.
Grant Ace
“No, I’m not God,” said Grant. “Although that would be pretty cool.” He smiled at Harry. “So, how exactly did you die?”


Jessica Ward (Cobra)|Lobby
“So i’m realy dead?” She asked in sad voice.
“So what do we supposed to do here?” She asked again.



Harry White|Lobby
“I didn’t think that you are god. I just wanted to be sure” he answered in serious voice. “I was killed be one of my friends. Actually he wasn’t my friend he just helped to kill my brother. What’s your death story?” He answered that and ask him same question.



Rielle Lotherine | Lobby

“Yes, you are really dead.” Rielle frowned. How could someone not know how they died?
“To answer your question, you can do pretty much anything.” She shrugged. “As long as your not breaking the law.” She added .



Jessica Ward (Cobra)|Lobby
“I guess that’s cool. So what os your name and how long you are dead” She asked to girl not sure if that’s the good question