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Hi guys! I’m interested to know what language(s) you guys speak. I speak Russian, English and German.
How to say hello in Russian and German:
R: Privet
G: Hallo


I speak English, French and like a super small amount of Spanish.
How to say hello in French and Spanish (which are pretty common so sorry for not teaching you much):
F: Bonjour (or Allo or Salut, it’s up to you, there are many options)
S: Hola (you all knew that haha)

Thats cool!

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I speak… English… and… yeah that’s all :neutral_face::woman_facepalming:

:joy: - thats okay, english is a great language

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it’s also one of the most confusing languages lmao
There’s so many rules like— whyyyy

yes like this


or this


I feel bad for people who have to learn English as a second, third, etc, language cause it’s just so confusing lol

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yeah and then they’re like: whyyyyyyyy???

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Hi I speak; German, English, some Mauri and some Spanish

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Hey :grin: I speak English, Italian, Spanish and French :blush:


I speak fluent Māori and German, then I know quite a bite of German and Dutch!


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can you please tell me how to say hi in dutch and maori?

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I speak Bahasa, English, and basic Japanese :blush:

sorry, what’s Bahasa?

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It’s what people call the native language of Indonesia. Literally bahasa means “language” but many people use that term anyway😂

oh ok. i went onto your profile, and it said that Dazz12 was your cousin, you mean forum cousin or real cousin?

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