The Legacy of Dr. Shaw

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11 episodes out so far and more coming.
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Thank you for reading. :hugs: I promise a good time. Unless you scare easily. :smiling_imp:


It’s really good. I just wish the gem choice was like 1 or 2 gems. Well hopefully you get payment from this story quick.:smiley:

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I’m so sorry about this damn 15 gem glitch that some readers have! It SHOULD be 2 gems only! I wish I could do something about it. :disappointed: In later chapters I started to just use support option as gem choices and other little details, even though I loved to make extra special scenes for the gems to make it really worth the reader’s while. But I can’t stand the unfairness of the 15 gems thing, so yeah… I’d feel like a bully lol

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Thank you Victoria for another awesome story!! :heart_eyes:

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:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: thank you!

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Episode 12 is out now! :hugs:

Victoria, you are absolutely talented and a beautiful soul! Why did this story get banned? Please please PLEASE get it back to us ASAP! It’s freakin awesomeness! Much love dear!:blue_heart:

Damn it, I wanted to read this!! I’m so bummed.

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Me too! I don’t know why it was removed just that it went against episode guidelines. And from what I read so far,there was nothing out of line. I’ve seen so many crude stories still on episode and this just pisses me off!

Victoria! You are absolutely amazing! Do you know this story has been removed from Episode? Well,it has and I’m just livid about it! Apparently,it went against the guidelines in some way but I saw NOTHING out of line. I’m so irritated with Episode continuing to promote trash and removing the actual talent! Please find out what happened and please get it back for us! FINALLY a time worthy story and poof! Gone.
Much love dear! :blue_heart: