The life of despair

Body toffee
Brow soft Angled
Hair black and red box braids up do
Eye almonds mature color eye purple
Face diamonds
Nose eleven
Lips classic color wine
Pink belted sweaters dress
Pink now Dow booties
Circle dangle earrings
Silver bangles

Body toffee
Hair cornrows bun color black
Eye slender natural eye color purple
Face soft heart
Nose elven
Lip classic color rose
Out fit black peacoat
Black bow fur booties
Gold pendant necklace

um do you want a cover or…? cause there’s no details about what you’re asking for.


Cover be better

I got details they was on top sorry could see it can write Down for you

no don’t say sorry, i know ur details. i’m saying what you WANT, not about ur characters

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Can you the life of despair cover for me

Sorry about that. Use to chapter. To show you it ok

show the picture

lol i can’t but you could ask someone else

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Cover be find

You can request at an art shop

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Thank you .I don’t mass this up

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they mean what pose u want or like wHAT DO U WANT



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Can get cover photo with the life of despair.

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I need some help on it

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yeah request at a shop though cause this doesnt have any details except abt the characters lmao

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;_; what pose?

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I think you’re still missing the point, you want a cover, okay, but what size cover? small or large? or both?
what poses, what background, drawn or edited, people need details in order to complete it.