The Life Thread

In honor of and inspired by the original 1,000,00 Replys, the 1,000,000 Replys that got shut down, and the Blog Thread whose closing is hopefully just temporary. I’m gonna try my best to make thread rules as airtight and in compliance with guidelines as possible so there is no confusion, no risk of shutdown.


  • General talk about RPs/SGs/current WIPs you have going on. Do not use this thread to plan out specific RP paths with characters (I’m sorry Sharon, Linda, and Karen we love you and your soccer kids, and we hate you Emric XD), but feel free to use it for things like “omg I’m super excited for Fallen’s latest brilliant RP!” or “I’ve made so much progress on my Episode story!” You may brainstorm here, but to an extent. If it’s about story projects, feel free to brainstorm here. If it’s in relation to RP/SG, take it to the RP/SG chat thread if it’ll be longer than like 3-4 posts here.

  • No playing with discobot or testing out fonts here sighs unfortunately. We can’t risk being shut down. Though feel free to use those fun fonts when talking about something within the rules.

  • General talk about life is allowed. @EpisodeGirl’s blog thread covered a good amount of specifics on this so here’s a repost of that- “what’s going on, what you did today, crushes, drama, love, hate, etc…Just talking about things that mean something to you, and how you’re feeling.” Advice on others’ situations and/or offering them comfort in the form of jokes or sympathy/empathy or just the reassurance that you are listening to them is also allowed. Joking around is also definitely allowed (grabs my forks) but try to keep it within thread rules, not excessive, and not super spammy.

  • No post counting unfortunately. However many posts this gets is awesome, but by forum guidelines, we can’t really celebrate our post milestones (well we can mentally lol). Also, obvi, no spamming this thread. Multiple posts in a row to express your feelings is fine, to boost post count isn’t.

  • Songs should go on the song lyric thread. Movie spam just can’t be a thing. I think that’s pretty obvious within guidelines.

Otherwise, I guess just stick to forum rules (duh) and have fun ^-^!


Mood : Fear of Posting


My life mood today:

I’m sad and angry because the Blog Thread got closed

Rest In Peace my love


:cry: I really hope we do get our blog thread back soon…

is it bad that i’m actually scared to post on this thread because i feel like for whatever reason it could get closed down


I’m lowkey scared of it too but tbh I’m kinda just sick of having to recheck and recheck posts for the mods and them having their own interpretation, and I hope the specific guidelines of this one, which I can totally add to as needed, will keep it clear that this thread breaks no rules and they can’t give us warnings if we can point to a section of the rules and say it’s there

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i always feel that when I make a thread or post something, I have to make sure it doesn’t break any rules. why tho

I feel the same way. shakes fist non-threateningly those goshdarned guidelines. hope we can figure out a balance between following them and being us someday.

I miss the blog thread. I hope it is opened againn.


I feel like I don’t wanna let this thread die so Imma post something.

Today I just got back from “choir tour” which is a school trip where we went o Disneyland with all the kids in choir and band and it was soooooooo much fun :slight_smile: How was everyone else’s week/day?


I watched Black Panther yesterday and it was SOOO GOOD!! I loved every part about it!!

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We rented a house, and my sister’s family came for Easter.

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@anime will you ever open the ranting thread again?

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I have school in less than a week and mocks in two weeks and I hate life right now because my physics exams are also in May and my mother is making my life miserable and I can’t sleep because of her so RIP my studying time + sleep schedule. Honestly this is why I prefer living with my dad -.- He can be critical at times but he knows me better probably because I lived with only him from the age of 12-15 ish… And although everyone says I look like her, personality-wise I’m more like my father.

Anywho I’ve been feeling bitter all day because of this and high-key hate everything right now but on the bright side my sister is coming on Wednesday <3

rolls out


so we’ve got this drama musical theater project coming up and I can’t sing for shit so that’s not gonna be fun

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also we’re probably gonna end up choosing our own groups but I have no friends in this class so I’m gonna end up stuck with some people hopefully it’s the ones that are nice and not the weed kids

read the op (first post) of the ranting thread :gift_heart:


this class is more or less divided between a few groups-

one is what I refer to as the weed kids. they literally smoke weed and drink alcohol secretly. they’re all super popular some are super talented all of them are friends with each other and treat the rest of the class as inferior. they make up the majority of the class.

one is the serious drama seniors, a small group of seniors not on weed who actually do take drama seriously and plan to have it be a part of their futures.

and the last group is the anime sophomores, a group of sophomores who love anime, memes, and video games and are mostly sophomores and are always just nerding out over it together.

of all these groups, my favorite to hang out with is the anime sophomores but I still don’t fit in with them at all like I’m just Mehek in the corner


there are a few exceptions but those are just people with their best friend who hang out with nobody else and I’ll probably be one of those next year when my friend joins advanced drama

the reason I have no chance with my current crush? she’s part of the weed kids.