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The plane just diverted me to Oakland (ugh) whyyy


MEHEK! HI! You probably won’t see this in a long time but still, hii~

I’m glad you are enjoying college, it’s great to know about how you’re doing and about that you are happy.
I’m also super proud you got into a college already! That’s amazing! And I know you’ll get to your first choice college because well, any place would be lucky to have someone like you

I miss you LOADS, and while I do hope you’ll come back soon, I’m really happy to know your life is headed to a place you like and want, so I understand if you don’t come back.
Love you~


O_o why? Are you still going to go to your original destination?


No, the plane had a malfunction. However, great news this airport has WIFI (yay) and like, a chili’s which is my FAVORITE restaurant in the entire world.


I’m writing on an app how I feel and honestly it is awesome to do that


It is like a diary and it’s better than an actual diary because I would cringe if I read it. (Years later) :eyes:


Sometimes I feel like a new account. I don’t understand the “drama” (I don’t know what happened) and it’s been really stressing to read the forums because of that.


omg, I have a ‘friendship’ journal which I made a rule I cannot read till 5 years later, and I’m coming up on my 9th grade ‘friendship’ journal, and I can’t wait to read it bc I was crazy obsessed with a boy lmao.


Having divorced parents is just fucking tiring.


I’m tired of life and its bs



finger guns aYYYYYYYYYYY!

SIKE it hasn’t been a long time :point_right::sunglasses::point_right:
thanks Cam! always love having your support, and fingers crossed I can be back next quarter :slight_smile:


I am suffering from dengue fever :mosquito::persevere:

Ummmm. Life?

I just want to rant (I don’t care if you corrrect my grammar and I don’t just don’t care!) anyone so I was thinking drama is not my strong suit or at least online drama. It’s hard not being able to physically be there for someone and it’s even harder when they said they going to leave and you can’t stop them because you really not there.

I had this assembly about this man that lost his son to suicide, the take was simple. In 2010 His son was 11 years old and he being getting bully by he same guy for a year now. The man is a worker so you know he’s at his job and the man’s wife is the teacher at their son school. So she gets to spend everyday and weekend with him. So the man goes to work at 4:30 a couple of hours before his so goes to school. Him and his mother go to school. The boy was in the guy waiting for school to officially start. The boy was just talking to his best, best friend when he’s bully come to play. Of course they don’t see the bully messing with the kid no what they see is the kid retaliate and punch the bully. The kid in trouble and he suspended for a couple of days. The mom takes him home but can’t stay with him because the school is short staff. So the KID IS BY HIMSELF, nobody around and of course he knows where his father keeps his firearm, so a at around 2:50 the man comes home. She start screaming yelling… and… and calls the man. The man answer the phone.

“Darling his dead!!!” He didn’t understand, she was screaming and screaming and yelling nonsense.

So his ask, “who’s dead?”
“Our son…he killed himself… There’s blood everywhere so much blood.” You can hear the sad sad tears, and than the fathers drops the phone and he look complete shook as a tear came down his face.

Another tale 2010 about a boy 10 he was getting bully too. He fought back and HE got in trouble, the boy parents… and he was sent to the office. When his parents came he told them he had to use the bathroom. They said ok in they let him go into the nurse bathroom. The only bathroom with a look in the whole school, so what he does? He lock the door, takes off his belt and hanged himself.

Another tale 2010 there was a girl 6 years old. She was getting bully by a 5 year old. He was such bad things to her in school things a 5 year old shouldn’t know. The bully last all year. The boy even grab a pair of scissors and went under the table where the six year old girl was sitting. She was wearing a dress that day and the boy cut her dress all the way around, she was too afraid to move, so scared for her life she couldn’t do nothing. Now it was only a week left for school and at the end of the day the boy come to her.
“Tomorrow I’m going to bring a weapon and I’m going to kill you.” He told her…
She wake up the next day tears all in her eyes and she ran to her mom.
“Mama… I don’t wanna go to school today!!!”
“Are you sick honey.”
“…No mama”
“Than you have to go to school sweetheart, and it only a week left.”
The next day she walk up tears still in her eyes, and she ask her mom again to not let her go to school and her mom said the same thing. The day after that she woke up with no tears in her eyes. She went to her mom.
“Mama. I’m not going to school.”
“You have to sweetheart, what wrong?”
“Mama. If you must me go to school I climb up your closest and get daddy weapon and shot myself.”
The mom was so surprise she couldn’t say nothing.

And the story keep coming, and at one point he says that we can stops this, all we need to do is work together and if we do that there won’t be no more death. And I thought _How could we stop death if we are the reason for it? How can we fix a problem if we are the problem? Who’s was the ones that killed innocent people? Humans! Who was the ones who created weapons? HUmans! Who was the ones that started wars? HUMans! Who was the ones that made other people feel so sad that they killed theyself? HUMAns! Who was the people that bully others everywhere? HUMANs! Who was the wrongs that created violence? HUMANS!
Anyone that all I wanted to say, now I’m going to go on with my day (peace :wave:)




I’ve become extremely nervous in the past 30 minutes or so. I’ve come up with a cool idea for the College Days contest, but I’m super afraid I won’t be able to make it in time. Not to mention it was originally a roleplay idea I came up with, so that makes me a little worried about it too. It’s all so stressful for some reason.


Heyy, this is my first not-episode-related post here.
I wanna post everyday a new question, we start today!

The big question of today is:
Day 1
How are you?

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor gif how are you


I am fine, not too good. What about you?


Well thnks . I HOPE these answers doesn’t make you feel sad stressed or overhelmed.
I feel stressed anxious and afraid and I don’t even know why


I am fine, I have holidays now so


I have it too!