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Only four months left until the final exams AKA 10th grade boards.

sweating anxiously


I love voting! Except when like 3 out of the 26 things you vote on pass :frowning:

Plus, I looked up Prop 9 (which was taken off the California Ballot) but Prop 9 would be the vote to split California into three states. I wouldn’t vote for that, but if it did pass, I really really don’t want to be called Northern California lol. Like, how creative is that. North California / South California and California. Great job. Nailed it. Where are you from oh, I’m from California, the north third. lame


O.O is the rant thread closed forever?


I’m going to vote in the next (presidential) elections next year and I’m worried and anxious ugh


I don’t know what happened (I haven’t read the ranting thread for weeks, or maybe even months, because of all the drama) but generally it’s temporarily closed until everything is calmed or to stop spamming. It’s because of organization and to avoid to be permanently closed.


It didnt say imhow many hours it was gonna be closed for or when its b back


Kids are testing me today :upside_down_face:

Some girl called me a korean drama queen and I was like haha you know I’m asian please don’t

And then I told her this story about how some kid asked me to “speak asian”… :joy:

And she goes on to basically debate with me about how I’m asian but I don’t speak asian and if I speak korean then why am I asian…


:sob: I CANT


People always ask me to speak “Mexican” and I’m like “Umm… You mean Spanish, right?!” :roll_eyes::tipping_hand_woman: 🤦


People are unbelievable


nah, i would never close the thread for more than a week or two, and especially not forever LOL
i’m doing this for a while because of what lum said

usually when i feel like things are getting tense or people are misusing the thread i close it so that things can calm down a bit… it’s like the rainbow after a heavy storm :rainbow:
i notice that there are arguments, some off-topic convos, and a bunch of little one-word replies… that stuff might seem really insignificant, but it can count as spam or it can make the thread look like a chatroom with no clear topic. spam, chatroom threads, and definitely fights are against the guidelines, so i do get worried that a mod might close the thread because of all that or find some other reason to lock it. i try to prevent the death of the thread from happening by taking some control and closing it for a while myself

i might re-open again tomorrow but i’ll have it back up in the next few days for sure :sunny:


Oof so today I was picked on and called a homophobe online bc I’m a christian EVEN THOUGH I SUPPORT LGBTQ+ RIGHTS.

Also it’s like if you’re a christian, there’s no way of getting out of being attacked. Like, if you don’t support lgbtq+ you’re called a homophobe and basically hated by everyone, but if you do support lgbtq+ rights everyone’s like ‘bUt doEsN’T ThE bIbLE SaY NoT tO Be gAY yOuR bAsIcAlLy cOnTRaDicTing YoUr beLiEfs’ like um man, bible says to love and accept everyone so uh, sis u can see me with that love and support during pride parade peace


I just.
Wanna say.
That I completed.
And published.
My First Ever.
Episode Story.
TODAY!!! :balloon::tada::confetti_ball::sparkles::yellow_heart:


Ah thank you for replying n.n wasnt expecting it. Okay thts a relif got concerned :no_mouth:


Oh my gosh! Congratulations! I’d love to read it! What’s the story’s title? :smile: :purple_heart:


Ahh, thank you! The story’s title is Microcide :grin:


I’m not going to school today so I’ve added it to my favorites. I’ll read it today :blush:


:+1: :ok_hand:


People don’t understand that there is a FINE LINE between Asians, Korean, Japanese, and CHINESE

Hell ive been called Chinese more than anything and I’m like what did you just say?!

I personally take offense when people don’t bother asking me my race and just go ahead and call me korean or Chinese…

I mean I don’t know why I’ve been called Japanese at all because I’m like…

Do I look Japanese…?

I mean whatever okay maybe you can’t look at a person and go oh he’s totally asian but I hate how some people just blindly group all of these races under “Chinese”

Like where the hell did you get that?



DECLARATION: say something in a solemn and emphatic manner.

That’s what you do! You say something big that’s happened in your life that’s good! :hugs:

OR it can be sad, you can talk about it… Unless you’re uncomfortable, don’t feel like you do have to cos you very well don’t.

I would love it if you started off saying, “I Want to declare that…” and so on.

SO it would be like this:

“I wanna declare that I finally got a dog! After years of not being able to have one, I finally got one! :grin:

Have the word DECLARE in the post please!


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I declare that

I’m so tired. Not like. Sleep tired. I’m just. So tired of everything :black_heart::black_heart: