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Happy Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Nice, I hope you have fun with that. I’ve got a ton of schoolwork to do with the end of the semester coming up, so I’m doing that today as well going to my lgbt support group later tonight. And I’ve gotta go with my mother to pick up her new car. Hopefully I’ll be able to draw on the way.


the forum is drunk
11 hours ago… What?


I am going to watch Netflix and chill in my pjs :grinning:


I saw that, it’s so weird


It’s nor hard to make one actually except for the spinning the dough like a pro part. Hahah you made making pizzas fun. Now I remember why we stopped making them. It started getting stressing idk why.


yay its re-opened for today only. So, were good. lol


I’m just going to be here on the forums and also texting my boyfriend :blush:




It’s 2am. And i have to be up at 7am. :sob::sob:


I’m like, should I get a gift for my not-crush? Because, if he likes me and gets something it’s like well flink. If I get him something and he doesn’t get me something then it’s like well, I better go dig myself a flinking grave now.

But what if we both get each other something? Like, does this mean we are not-crushing crushing on each other?

And if we didn’t get each other something, like, rip my heart


my ranting thread was closed and i dont know how to feel. there were some days where i felt so overwhelmed that i would shut it down for a week, but i never thought about what it would be like to actually have it closed permanently. i thought i would feel relieved from the stress of managing a thread so heavy… but i don’t. i don’t feel like grabbing a colada and buying a plane ticket to cabo… i just feel really sad that 3 long years of maintenance all went to waste.

i don’t know if it’s worth negotiating with a mod to reopen it or at least allow me to make a V3 thread (I saw 2 duplicates already made but i know a mod will get to closing them eventually) but i guess a nostalgic creation to me that i made being shut down all of a sudden makes me pretty sad.
i know the execution of the thread wasn’t perfect and there were some discussions that turned into explosions, but you can’t have a rainbow without the rain

the ranting thread was only a small snippet of the general chat section but i’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from people who say that they’ve found support and even long-lasting forum friends on it.
on the old forums it was pretty popular as well. maybe not as controversial and heated as V2, but it was used most often by frustrated authors, RPers, general chat game addicts, and even mods alike.
it felt like a family and everyone could bond over the most random of frustrations like dropping your ice cream and crying over it… or receive lots of loving messages after posting something about needing support, or just at least someone to talk to. it’s good to have someone to talk to.

maybe i am disappointed in myself. i probably couldnt recreate the same fantasy feeling of happiness and togetherness. sometimes i think that if i only went online more or made myself more known that i could’ve probably saved this thread from closure. i am not as active as i once was in 2014-2015. i am not a presence anymore and i feel like any effort i do now to try to save the thread or at least help the episode community will be useless.

im sorry to everyone i let down.

2018 Forums Awards - Fifth Edition: Voting

Who else hates the sound of their own voice on video?
My parents say I sound really professional, but I think I sound stupid. Lol.




i have decided to leave the forums,

my time here is done because my purpose has been finished. there is nothing else i can contribute.
thank you for everything


Ranting thread getting closed had nothing to do with you. It didnt close because of you. Dont beat urself up for it


Anime, you’re not letting anyone down, please don’t feel like you are
As a community, everyone is responsible of keeping things in order, and it’s not your fault other people couldn’t follow guidelines


I’ll miss you <3


You have always helped a lot on the thread and organized it. <3 (^_^)/

It isn’t your fault. The website itself is quite chaotic. ( We even have spam bots, weren’t they supposed to dissappear? )
The ranting thread helped a lot of people, it has always been a place to rant and to search for advice. Even if it’s now closed, it was an awesome thread.


Jeremy should reopen it after he cools down
Thts what happend wth the diversity thread