The Life Thread


Happy Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Nice, I hope you have fun with that. I’ve got a ton of schoolwork to do with the end of the semester coming up, so I’m doing that today as well going to my lgbt support group later tonight. And I’ve gotta go with my mother to pick up her new car. Hopefully I’ll be able to draw on the way.


the forum is drunk
11 hours ago… What?


I am going to watch Netflix and chill in my pjs :grinning:


I saw that, it’s so weird


It’s nor hard to make one actually except for the spinning the dough like a pro part. Hahah you made making pizzas fun. Now I remember why we stopped making them. It started getting stressing idk why.


yay its re-opened for today only. So, were good. lol


I’m just going to be here on the forums and also texting my boyfriend :blush:




It’s 2am. And i have to be up at 7am. :sob::sob: