The Life Thread


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Hey, we never met but I am @AMagic!

It’s so crazy how active the forums used to be… Or maybe it’s because I haven’t been here for a while/a lot of people I knew aren’t here.

my internet hates me so I have to use my data :’’)


I don’t think we’ve had a conversation, (although I think we had an RP in common) but hello! o/

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It’s true, activity decreased significantly, but maybe in autumn it will be more again. :sunglasses:


Hopefully! I miss how lively the forums were :frowning:


No one can talk about anything on here anymore without flags/the thread getting shut down or someone trying to fight


nice to meet you!

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hi! cool to see you if we did.

New year, new me! (Not really.)

Today is my first day of school, and I’m a junior this year. I feel like I just started high school yesterday, lol. Time really flies.

This year, my goal is to get all A’s, something that I have never done (yet). Idk if I’m going to accomplish it, but I’m going to try. So I’ll probably be less active on here than I was last year, idk. We’ll see.

My first day is going okay (not that anyone cares XD). Here’s my schedule:

1st Period - English 11. English has always been my best subject, besides history.
2nd Period - AP US History. I’m looking forward to this course.
3rd - Flex. I get a free period this year, so yay!
4th - Physics. I actually signed up for AP Environmental Science, but my school dropped it and put me into Physics.
5th - French 3. I get a new French teacher this year!
6th - Math. My worst subject… :///
7th - AP Computer Science A. I’m looking to forward to this one as well. I get to learn Java!

So, this is mah schedule, lol. I hope I’ll be able to achieve my goal of getting all A’s.


Girls and their periods… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
German school is different. However, I hope you will be able to enjoy learning new things and growing. :sunglasses:


:joy: lol. Thank you!

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Its so annoying when you’re texting privately on your phone to someone and someone else besides you just has this preposterous habit of always poking into your private business by looking into your texts during class.


i gave my brother a fucking reality check on his stupid friend who is clearly using him. i was scared but idgaf anymore. im so damn tired of it.

Hey Guys! News Flash –

  • I’m back here on the forums again! Love you all!
  • We’re shifting to a new house after, like, 6 long years or so.
  • Also, my mother has decided to further expand her online kitchen business on Swiggy and Zomato online food orderings! So yes – I’mma be a new young chef and a young entrepreneur simultaneously :sunglasses:
  • But, that also means working from a separate basement kitchen nearby (which can put a light toll on my studies, but meh, who cares? :rofl:).
  • I have become the Vice-Academic Coordinator of the senior wing of my school. So, that means I practically control all the academic stuff that goes around in my school (like exam datesheet planning, syllabus plans, etc). It feels good to have so much power after a long time :smiling_imp:
  • I realized that my true love lies in Physics and Chemistry. Math too, but most of my love lies in technical Science.

Welcome back former forum mom! :joy:


Thank you so much, former forum daughter :rofl:


Welcome back AS :smile:


Thank you, Rose! Your pfp is beautiful, BTW :blob_hearts:


Thank you, @Mashia made it :sparkling_heart: