The Life Thread

stressful. anxiety filled. annoying people.

i hate school. i know you learn from it but the people are so annoying & just not good people.

i’m a bad daughter apparently. too much of this, too little of that.

i wish i could just press a button to pause everything.

but it’s okay. because i’m a teenager so that means i’m being fake sad.

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We all do at times…

i miss my old thread too :yawning_face: i think there’s still a ranting thread on these new forums though.

and i really resonate with you on the creepy nonces. on my third day of work a married man with children wouldn’t stop giving me awfully lewd compliments


that sounds amazing, im happy for you :yay:
hopefully i’ll feel the same way when i turn 17 this november

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Rant threads are against forum guidelines now. which don’t even get me started on—

It’s good to see you around tho~


so the “rant thread #3” that was created after mine got shut down is locked too? do you know why they are implementing this rule now?


Yes, and no more can be created.
Nope… they count them as spam threads now I think

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Thanks! It was crazy but good

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Oh oh and trust me you turn 17 you’ll be like :exploding_head::exploding_head: I sure was :rofl::rofl: I was like flipping and I still am because this time next year imma be a whole adult :joy::smirk: so yes you’ll be like djdkskskakjsjsj but it’s also amazingggggg

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