The Life Thread

well she’s also straight and dating a male but even if she happened to be closet bi/pan lmao

hmm i feel like i’d be a mix between a weed kid and an anime sophmore (i already am anime, and i am a sophmore wink wink)

but if i was in that class, i’d hang out with u!!!
(i cant sing either so we can fail miserably at it togehter)

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So I have a story I’m working on outside of episode and RPs so Imma kinda post it here for brainstorming purposes and/or any constructive critism from you guys:

So my working title for the story is the “The Azeals”.

It is about a mystical world hidden from the human world or Atrid Lands called the Azealian Cities It is full of Azeals, mystical creatures of crazy skin colors and the ability to Shapeshift and dreamwalk. They even have their own language, Ancient Azealian (Yes, I made up the language and it is well, a work and progress)

Like you might’ve guessed, our MC, Dimitri (Who is an Azeal) falls in love with a human (or Atrid in Ancient Azealian) named Maxine. When an awful car crash leaves Max horribly injured, Dimitri brings her to the Azealian Cities because they have advanced technology that can help her that the humans don’t have. The problem? Azeals are very big on human sacrifices, believing that their blood makes them stronger. (Which isn’t the case and I may explain exactly why they think that later) So Dimitri and his friend need to keep Maxine hidden from the Azeals while letting her heal as many other problems head their way.

So that is a basic synopsis. Of course, I have a lot more details in mind. What do y’all think…? Is a bit too cliche?


So I’m in a group with the anime kids which is pretty cool they’re nice and apparently we all have the same voice range too even though mine is very VERY limited haha

i’m glad that talking about what’s going on in your life is a thing here because yesterday i saw four peacocks in my violin teacher’s neighbor’s yard and honestly i’m still not sure if i just hallucinated that


i feel like everyone doesn’t like me anymore because i closed the ranting thread down for a bit

(i had to delete and re-type this same sentence like three times because i didn’t know how to properly explain it lol)

No Anime, we still love you :slight_smile: You has a valid reason (at least in my opinion) to close it for a little bit.


ah that’s really reassuring

i think me closing it for a week is kinda excessive but i do think i really need to let the fighting and drama die down


Yeah it is probably for the best

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Black Panther is a blessing! I loved that movie sooo much! I just watched it yesterday (for the second time) and I want to watch it again already haha. It’s just… PERFECTION

And yes, I’m aware this is fangirl Cam but whatever


Again, i’m super sorry about what happened (I will probably keep apologising for a while)
And I’m super glad you’re opening it again… it means a lot to me


What do you mean?? I adore you! And I don’t blame you AT ALL for closing it.

If anything I’m the one who should be disliked


I love this idea!!

ughhh so i have sheet music for love scenario but it’s pretty simple sheet music - i want harder sheet music but idk if i can even play it?? i have to focus on learning my new level 10 songs anyway. i really want to be able to play it like smyang but he didnT RELEASE THE SHEET MUSIC and so im looking for a harder version whahuhhh :^(

ohhhh okay didn’t see that lol ( I don’t hate u btw :heartpulse:)

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ive been laughing for the past 10 minutes for literally no reason at all lmao i hope the rest of spring break is this good

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i don’t know where else to post this or ask (i don’t wanna make an entire thread just for a simple question) but are these new rules for making threads? :

  • not being able to have more than one emoji in a title
  • not being able to use periods in a title
  • not being able to have an entire title uncapitalized

my ranting thread defies all three of these rules so it was kinda surprising to see i couldnt do any of this in a new thread i made (a new thread i made because i felt bad for closing the ranting thread temporarily)

today morning I wrote an entire song in my mind with beats mentally and stuff in the shower and I kNEW I SHOULD’VE WRITTEN IT DOWN because just an hour later I forgot it and I’m going crazy trying to remember more than “The girl in the green dress”

I remember it was about my crush and “the girl in the green dress” was because of the green dress she wore to prom and I remember seeing her there with her friends and literally she was so beautiful that night like so beautiful I wish I could show y’all a photo of her

and I remember there was something in there about her long hair

possibly something about sexuality idk


I need ADVICE —

who better than the internet squad who doesn’t know me in real life. (lel)

backstory: So, I’m a really REALLLY good friend. Like the one who drives across town to bring you a warm muffin and a hug when you are sad. But … like any cliche … my friends aren’t the greatest …

So back in like early March, I started my Planning my BD party for the second week in April. My expectation was for my friends who also have a job, to request the day off. All four, today, when I asked for a head count of whose coming, all four were like 'idk I’ll let you know if I can go once I get my schedule, because I might be working.


I want to call them out, like ‘Hey, you know when I made this group a month ago, my expectation was for you to request the day off.’ (because, I take off work for them, so like :P)

but I don’t want to sound like an ass.