The Life Thread


XDDD omg same! It’s so funny when everyone get’s competitive and there’s that one sore loser but it’s all fun and games until you’re the one losing


Yeah I wish I was permanently 14 because I can play games and stuff but I don’t have any important exams to sit XD Even though I’m almost 18 now ripppp


At least quacking like a duck was better than singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star lol, one girl had to do that and halfway through she forgot the lyrics and just stopped singing xD


Ooooh heck no XD If I were still in my old class I’d have no problem but I really don’t like my year group in this school so I’d rather not

That reminds me of a minion meme I found... XD


Omg quacking anyday :joy::joy:


Adulting is a punishment


So true :joy::joy::joy:


^^^ thiss


Last year in my French class, every student had to sing a French song in front of the class. I was just like NOPE and stayed in the restroom until class was over. XD


omg o-o One time I wanted to avoid a performance in drama class so I literally faked a stomach ache and can I just say that was the most acting I had done all year XDDD THE IRONY


Ughhh I was sort of satisfied with my schedule already and then my counselor just had to change it for some reason and the only class that changed was the only one I had with G -_-


I’m actually kind of disappointed I don’t have any classes with M, D, or J this year. I was really happy with how much closer J and I & M and I got, and I wanted to get closer to D again since we barely got to see each other last year. The fact that I won’t have any classes with another close friend [who I’ve written an anonymous letter to on this thread a while ago] also probably means that we’ll lose contact which makes me really sad. She was always really open with me about mental health and she was one of the only people who I was comfortable with talking about my own issues.


Why is it that every time I go into the bakery section at Walmart, I feel like buying everything? XD


Um because you are sane and have amazing taste in food.


Right, when I was on a run this morning I managed to make myself jump. There is a song with a long drum intro and then this GROWLLLL comes out of nowhere :joy::joy: Oh a bunch of Canadian geese were being extra af and crossed a road pissing some drivers off as well :joy:


RUN! HIDE! Monday’s coming!




Bruh. Spam bots errywhere and I just want to say I am actually so happy rn because my story is getting a bunch of reads. I think I want to cry with happiness :joy::joy::joy:


School starts in a month for me but my friends start in like a week. College essays are hard. I kind of want to write a screenplay but have no ideas. I finished off my internship. I miss being here but I don’t regret fading off because I feel like I’ve outlived my time here and I need to focus on my life more. So yeah, that’s what’s been happening.


Are you in college?

I’m in 10th grade now and I have to write a 7 page essay for English (I’m taking honors) at the end of both semesters, and I’ve never written an essay that long before o_O