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Pass mermaidians

  • INK or LL- LL
  • Character deets and Outfit: Character deets
    Body: Female Athletic Body(Rose02)
    Eyebrows: Arched Natural(Black Dark)
    Hair: Hair Flip(Cool Dark Brown)
    Eyes: Deepset Downturned(Green Emerald)
    Face: Square Chiseled
    Nose: Round Button
    Lips: Full Heart Pouty(Red Garnet Gloss)
    Outfit 1.(right side)
    Outfit 2. (left side)
  • How many characters?- 1
  • Background
    First background:(right side)

    Second image:(left side)
  • Pose500_F_56330274_phMv4miQQkPUISidWxavjtn5TmehejEJ
  • Titlestrong text: The Deadly Passion
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