The Login Problem

Okay Episode, depsite what you might say to weasel out of doing anything about this like you usually do with problem on your app and portals, this is a bug.
Explain to me why it’s not possible to delete an account, but it’s also not possible to log out of an account and then login to another account?

I myself made an account with google that I’m currently loged into but not using anymore, I want to use the other google account … The why in the hell can I not log out of the first account, and then when I click on google to sing in with it, am I not asked which google account I would log into? I’m always automatically signed in to the first account?
Now If you think I’ll wait a month just so I can use my other account then you’re mistaken … Which you usually are so I wouldn’t be surprised…


Ah that happened to me before! It’s because Episode automatically assumes your current account as your main account. The only way to fix this is to sign out of all your accounts, then sign into the account you want to log into first. So now that becomes your main account. Now try signing into Episode and it should work (:

After you’ve logged into Episode you can log back into all of your other accounts!

I hope I explained that well enough :skull:


Thank you, another user already told me to change my google account and try again, and it worked, but thank you :)


I’m glad you got it fixed! And you’re welcome! (: :blob_hearts:

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Closed since the issue has been resolved. :smiley: