The Lost Magic (Promotion)

Hello people :heart:
So, I made this post to promote my recent published story ‘The Lost Magic’. I did wish if you guys check it out. And if possible please do drop a feedback mail so that I could get to know your views on it.

Here are the details of my story.

Title: The Lost Magic

Genre: Fantasy & Mystery

Description: Rossy was blessed with magical powers, which she wasn’t aware of. Will she be able to complete the unfinished tasks & unlock the secrets which her family kept from her? Find out.

Story Cover:

Story Link: Episode Writer Portal

Other Details: The story contains…

  1. Minigames
  2. Bonus Scenes
  3. Point system
  4. Art Scenes
  5. Full CC & 1LI

Hope you guys check it out and don’t forget to share me the ss of your favorite scene. My Ig - @sparklejd_31 :heart:


I’ll do an r4r with. Just PM and we’ll get started.