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Hey loves, welcome to this lovely art thread, brought to you by the owner: @Lovelyy_Iqraa and her beautiful co-owners/friends @keiji and @maddy_roleplayz

Right now me @lovelyy_iqraa is typing thisโ€ฆ I had the idea to make this art group yesterday, and I formed it with 2 amazing people who I love.

Before you may request, remember to be nice, do NOT start any drama! Just have fun requesting, we will most likely do things like banners and splashes before covers, as they would take less time. So keep that in mind and please be patient


"@lovelyy_iqraa's examples

@leslie_giselle' examples

@kamorie1027's examples

To request just comment your details and who you want to do it for you! We will try to finish as soon as we can!

Have fun requesting!


Note: we are not sure if @keiji will be still partnering with us because she has other requests. So you may request weโ€™ll just have to see of she can do some. If not then please request @Lovelyy_Iqraa or @maddy_roleplayz

@turtle_cat @Maria.StoryWritter @epy.tara

Tag more ppl i canโ€™t think of


it is some really nice pitures


Do you do custom poses?
Like this one?
But hes talking into the earpiece? (and its not a headset?)

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Iโ€™m sure we can try of course! Who would you like to do it?

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Anyone whoโ€™s free, thanks.

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@maddy_roleplayz we have our first customer! Would you like to do the first request?

Also I may ask this to be closed afterrr


Oh I completely forgot about the details? Iโ€™ve been kinda absent-minded latelyโ€ฆ

Okay, here are the details:
Character details
Skin: Light

Brows: Mature Grand fawn

Hair: Spiked up hair fawn

Eyes: Classic round auburn

Face: Square jaw

Nose: Bull

Lips: Classic blush


Thank you soo much!

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Why would you close?
(is it because thereโ€™s no requests?)

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Yes iโ€™d close but only this topic. I probably need to make a new updates forum because i donโ€™t think les is gonna be with us bc she is busyy

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Ohh okay then.
Good luck!

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Do you have a certain time you need your edit? I will try and finish it today

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Thank you!
Iโ€™ll need it latest thursday, probably.

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I would like to request a romance edit of me and my bf.

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Okay @maddy_roleplayz will be doing it iโ€™m sure because iโ€™ll be doing taraโ€™s

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Spill them. :heart_eyes:

It might be done in a longish time? Depending on when you need it

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@jeremy pleaae close this forum