The Luxe Schoolgirls

Hello, readers! This is mainly about The Luxe Schoolgirls story review. Below I have a poll, numbers scaling from 1 to 10. You can reply too, tell me if the story was too boring, short, etc. Rate my story wisely… I’ll be looking back!

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And if you hadn’t read The Luxe Schoolgirls, here’s the link to my story! Please and thank you for reading! :slight_smile:
Link: The Luxe Schoolgirls

Hi I know this is pretty random but I need some help could you maybe help me out

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@Crissie I can help you with anything! How can I help, Crissie?

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Hi, I uploaded a few of my own backgrounds and when I was previewing my episode the backgrounds weren’t showing, do you have any idea why?

Did you add the background name in the script correctly? Example: If you had the background name as INT. PHONE SCREEN - DAY then put the background name as INT. PHONE SCREEN - DAY into the script.
To use the background correctly:

  1. Add the background’s name before the transition and everything else in the scene.
    Let’s go to the movies.
    Okay, let’s go!

Did it help?

That’s what I did.

Can you screenshot for me?

Sure give me a sec

That way, I might understand better.

They are saying “sorry, you cannot amend media to this post”

Do you have an Instagram I could message you there?

I’ve never had this message before…
Instagram: @epi.sagittariusgirl_4673



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