The Mafia Billionaire: Before Happily ever after : Poll

Hi, everyone,

This is my upcoming story, hopefully to be released within the next three of four months, I was aiming for October as I already have one completed story, but I’m going to give you two stories rather than just one story as they are only short stories if you have seen my post on my IG mafiastar.episode.


In the meantime, as I am working on the next story, I need your help, please do the poll below or give me your feedback, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.

  • Read them all
  • Read none of them
  • Read another generation
  • Only read the novels
  • Only read the short stories

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Thank you x

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The Link?

For my story?

Do you want the ink version or LL?

It’s not completed yet though

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That’s the link above for LL

The story is still not completed yet, hopefully it should be out within the next few months as I’m writing it via script and manuscript

Please let me know what you think so far, I’m extremely nervous about it and even more now that the poll says nobody would read past the short stories :cry:


Yesterday, I made a poll to see what people thought about my upcoming story series

The link is above for those who haven’t seen it.

Today, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the results so far, as I am hoping to release it between October and January but am unsure how to go when it comes to the stories.

In my head, I know where the story is going, but on episode, does everyone really want what I want?

I’ve never really done this before and I never asked the last time just discontinued my stories without any proper feedback

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