Okay, so this game will NOT be played in this thread. It will be played in a group chat with all the selected players. This game is also similar to a roleplay. Please, take note of these!

Okay, so I’m bored right now and I’m currently on my free time. So, I decided to start a fun game. You guys might be uninterested since there is no prize involved, but I promise it will definitely fun! This is a mystery game which involves your detective skills. Some of you may have heard of the game Mafia already, but I decided to add a few more roles. So, if you have no idea what this game is, here’s how you play!

I will PM each player their roles and if you end up in the mafia side, you should try to kill the village without getting caught. If you end up in the village side, you should try to figure out who the mafias are. The game is divided into two parts, DAY and NIGHT.


  • The game starts at night after I announce everyone else’s roles. I will make a separate group chat for the MAFIAS. In the MAFIA group chat, all the mafias have to agree on ONE person to kill. The framer has to pick one person to frame and the godfather should pick one person to kill without agreeing with the mafias.
  • While I ask the mafia side who they want to kill and frame. I ask each detective, psycho, and doctor separately that means they will not be in the same group chat. If there are more than one detective, psycho, or doctor, I will still ask each of them individually. After asking the detective, psycho, and doctor, the sun rises up and it becomes day.


  • In the day time, the host will announce what happened the previous night. (such as who died, who got saved, etc.) After the announcement, everyone will start talking to each other to try to find the people in the mafia side. In this phase, the detective CAN it’s not needed but recommended tell the rest on what happened when they investigated the previous night. So, if the detective found out that someone is a mafia, the detective can share it.
  • After everyone talks, the mafia voting starts. Everyone will have to PM me on who they want to vote to be killed. This phase can be helpful for the village to get rid of mafias. Majority wins. If a tie happens, everyone will have to vote from the people who got tied. If it is a tie again, no one will die. Votes are not anonymous! I will reveal who voted who after everyone voted. If you do not vote in the given time, your vote will be on you.


  • There are two kinds of roles: the VILLAGE and the MAFIA.


  • The village can win if they killed all the people in the mafia team.


  • This role is actually one of the most useless. You can’t do anything except vote in the day if you are a civilian.


  • The doctor can SAVE or POISON someone each night. However, they cannot poison and save at the same night. If they poison someone, that person will die. If they save someone, they will not die.


  • The detective can figure out whether someone is in the VILLAGE side or MAFIA side. They can share this the next day. However, they can only check one person per night and since there’s a framer, you cannot know if that is ACTUALLY their role.


  • The psycho basically acts like a civilian but when the psycho dies, they can bring someone to die with them.


  • This is basically a civilian but when they die, they can come back to the game only ONCE with a special card.


  • The cop can investigate someone’s body (dead or alive) and they can check the fingerprints on them. If someone else’s fingerprint is found, it could mean the fingerprint is a mafia’s, doctor’s, or detective’s.


  • The agent is like a spy, but in the village. The agent will be apart of the mafia group chat but they can role-block only THREE times during the entire game. However, the agent is not allowed to tell the mafia members to the village. After the agent has used all the three times, they will be out of the game since the agent knows who all the mafia members are. The mafia members don’t know who the agent is and they should try eliminating the agent by killing him/her.


  • The mafia win if they outnumber the village.


  • Mafias are the killers. They kill only ONE person per night. All the mafias have to agree on ONE person to kill.


  • The framer can frame someone from the village side to be in the mafia side if checked by the detective. The framer cannot kill anyone.


  • The godfather is basically like a mafia but they don’t need to agree on someone to kill. They can kill multiple people at once. (There can only be a maximum of 2 godfathers.)


  • The spy is a member of the mafia but will appear as a villager to the detectives. The only way to find out who the spy is is with the cop’s help. The spy can role-block someone. Meaning, if a cop investigated someone, the results won’t be given to them. Or if a doctor saves someone, that person won’t be saved because they are role-blocked.


  1. There should ALWAYS be one host in each game (me). The host helps keeps the balance of the game and knows everyone’s roles.
  2. You can say your role anytime! But, this is not recommended for the mafias who want to survive. Saying your role can help the village trust you, but if you’re a mafia and lie about your role, you can take advantage of the village!
  3. Never game-throw. The mafias know each other’s identities. So, if you’re apart of the mafia DO NOT tell who the other mafias are once you die.
  4. Once you die in the game, you can still talk in the chat. But, if you try to hint anyone else’s role, you will not be able to play the next games. And if you have died, before you talk put the letters “OOG:” in the start which stands for “Out of Game”.
  5. Do not PM other players without my permission. If you get my permission, you should NOT tell your role or game throw.




(this is how many people there will be in each role)


Doctors - II
Detectives - II
Psycho - I
Civilian - IIII
Special Civilian - I
= 10 people under the Village

Mafias - III
Framer - I
Godfather - II
= 6 people under the Mafia




(this is how many people there will be in each role)


Doctors - II
Detectives - II
Agent - I
Civilian - II
Special Civilian - I
Cop - II
= 10 people under the Village

Mafias - III
Framer - I
Godfather - I
Spy - I
= 6 people under the Mafia


  1. @Mondalsushanta637
  2. @meekepeek
  3. @yikko
  4. @Karii.xo
  5. @Duckling
  6. @Maya_Reihnard
  7. @GoldenWaves
  8. @JupiterBear26
  9. @Windy1356
  10. @luckyvirgo
  11. @epistar



If you have any questions, just ask away!


I’d like to sign up, so basically correct me if I’m wrong. But the aim of the game is to find out who the mafia is? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yep, that is the goal of the village! Hold up, I forgot to put how to win.

Okay cool, and the goal of the mafia is to kill all the people in the village?? :thinking:


Where can I sign-up? This is interesting!

Can I sign up? :blush:

You can sign up by just saying “I want to sign up.”

I want to sign up!

I’ll tag both of you once the game starts.

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Okay cool :relaxed:

Do we have any kind of name/ code name or something?

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I’ll think about that. It’s either, you come up with your own names, you stay with your usernames, or I make your names.

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I have a question:
If we’re on the someone’s side, can we choose to be the type of character?

Ex: You are on the mafia’s side:

a. You can choose to be a Mafia, Framer or the Godfather
b. You’ll be ________ in the Mafia’s side

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I was actually planning to make everyone’s roles randomized.

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I wanna sign up. :crazy_face:

I’d really like to play! Can you sign me up?

I signed you up already along with @Zeah! :blush:

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Can I sign up without any experience in such games? :sweat_smile:
If yes, then I would like to sign up :blush:

I won’t be sad if you don’t want me to play, because I have 0 experience :joy:

I like to join