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I’m so glad! Sorry it took a while though.:grin:


That’s completely fine!


@MissLibra, here’s your background request. Hope you like it. Sorry that this was the only font I could find that was close enough to handwritten.


Thanks. This is perfect :kiss:


I would like to request a cover with 4 girls when ever you have free from @Turtle_Cat in Limelight please; can I also have a bigger copy of it to put inside of my story as a cover thanks :grin:

Girl 1

Skin Tone: Copper 03
Brow: Arched natural - blackjet
Hair:Long feathered - Black Silhouette
Eyes: Deepset Down turned wide - ice blue
Face:Diamond Defined Contour
Nose:Defined Natural
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty - Rose light nude Matte

Girl 2

Skin Tone:Neutral 09
Brow: Arched Natural - blackjet
Hair:Hair flip - Black dark
Eyes:Deepset Downturned - Hazel dark
Nose:Defined Natural
Mouth:Full Heart Pouty - Brown Gold

Girl 3

Skin: Copper 07
Brow: Round medium - dark brown
Hair:Braided Bun - dark brown
Eyes: Deepset Downturned - brown pale
Face: Triangle Defined
Nose:Round Flared Upturned
Mouth:Medium Heart Natural - tan deep neutral

Girl 4

Skin tone:Copper 07
Brow: Round thick - dark brown
Hair:Long faux hawk solid - aqua green
Eyes:deepset down turned - brown plae
Face: triangle defined
Nose:round flared upturned
Mouth:small heart - brown gold


Girl 1- idle_handsonhips_neutral_loop
Girl 2- flirt_wink_atcamera_pose
Girl 3- laugh_giggle_pose
Girl 4- selfie_pose

Can I please have an empty alleyway (you can choose) and at the top it says Legenda in yellow glow please. And how would you like to be credited.

I don’t mind waiting thanks :grin:


With what name should i give you credits. :smiley:


My Insta: @Turtle_Cat.


Thank you!! Soz for late reply xD


It’s fine. You’re welcome!


thank you so much


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Hey @leslie_giselle, can you give me your character info again so I can do your edit?


Sorry I don’t need a pfp anymore


But thanks btw


Okay! You’re welcome.


Hey! I’m about to start on your request!


Hey, I would love to get a small cover from you.

For the background I would prefer a city, because the story is set in New York.
And I would like the two persons to stand back to back like on my current cover.

If you need something else, please let me know.
Thank you so much <3


Great!!! Thank you so much!!! I also made some minor changes to the request if you’d check it out… Heh. Again thank you!!


@sophieann here are your splashes!