The Magic Turtle Art Official Shop! [CLOSED TO CATCH UP]


Now you are also blacklisted from our shop


Thank you so much!!!


You’re very welcome! It’s my pleasure.


I know your probably busy but when are you guys open again @Turtle_Cat


We will be re-opening when we have completed our lists :smiley: Not sure exactly when at the moment, What did you want to request and from whom?


sorry i was out of town
i wanted a cover


from ether is available


Okay, sorry rules are you have to choose so we know who is doing what… can be made to @Turtle_Cat or myself, This won’t be accepted until our lists are cleared but as we both have different sized lists I’m asking to maybe give you a better idea roughly when that will be :joy:


ok mabye you @Cheyara_episode58 ?


Okay, well I have a lot going on, a pretty long list and a lot of customisation and several art scenes so for me, you are looking at it being maybe a week and a half-2 weeks ish somewhere there, I got a little delayed having not felt very week the last week. Sorry I can’t be more precise than that at the moment.


its perfectly fine it for a story I haven’t published yet do take all the time you need we all shude be grateful you guys are evening doing this


Okay sweetie, thanks… I’ll let you know when we re-open and I’ll add you to my new list then :smiley:


kk thank you very much


@Episode.Cameronwrite here’s your profile picture. Hope you like it.


@Cheyara_episode58 I love it. Thank you


You’re welome! Glad you like it :slight_smile:


Hey for some reason I’m not getting notifications on the app so I just wanted to check that my bigger cover is still in the works or if it was already posted?


Hey you think you can make me some splashes when you guys get back i need some to do my splashes email me at
Dm me @ episode_jeriyan_


As soon as we open back up I’ll be happy to dm you.:smile:


Okay thank you much and I’m sorry if that didn’t make sense /.\