The Magic Turtle Art Official Shop! [OPEN]


Hello fellow Episodians! Are you in need of a cover, splash, art scene, overlay, character edits and more? If you answered “yes” for any of these, then welcome to our art thread! The beautiful @Cheyara_episode58 and yours truly.:blush:

  • Be patient. If you are impatient, your request will be denied.
  • If you want us to do it again, just ask! Just don’t make us do it over more then 2 times.
  • When requesting, say who you would like it from first, then continue with your request so that we know who is doing what.
  • All covers, splashes, art scenes etc. must be credit as either @Turtle_Cat or @Cheyara_episode58
  • Please don’t promote your own threads!:grinning:
  • If you request from us, please don’t request from someone else. It will be a waste of time for all of us.

Since this is a little group combined of just the two of us, we’ve decided to combine our examples so you guys get to choose what you want from who.

@Cheyara_episode58’s Examples!



Profile pictures/character edits!

Art Scenes!

My Examples!



c0ebf024eefc725855bf8471411c9da43a9cbfd0_1_281x500 16eca2e6905f7957aa97b2fe29aab2ce823862aa_1_281x500

Profile Picture/Character Edits:


Thank you for reading all that and your time! Reply what form of art you want and who you want it from and we’ll be happy to assist you!
@Cheyara_episode58’s Waiting List:
@Bridi: 3 art scenes
@sophieann: Covers
@ultsana: Covers
@Bumble_Bee: 3 art scenes
@JustMelody: art scene
@May_colman: art scene

@Turtle_Cat’s Waiting List:
@Alisha.Sophie: Cover
@Brownskinn.shea16: Cover
@_khade: Cover
@natalie.keira: Cover
@May_colman: Cover (Colab)

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Hiya, I love your artwork. Could you do me two. If your too busy don’t worry.


What would you like and who would you like it from?:smiley:


You if possible


two splashes 1. Contains strong language and mature scenes 2. uses sound and music


Characters? Ink or LimeLight or character list with just the words?









I would like Art1. to say This Story Contains Mature Scenes And Strong Language
and Art2. to say This Story Uses Sound And Music

Hope this is ok. Also if u need me to explain anything to you let me know.


Can I have a profile pic?


Which of us would you like to do it sweetie?


Any is fine…


Okay :slight_smile: we need your character information, and if you have a specific pose or background you’d like



Character details:

The same animation (primp)

OUTFIT: Black belted sweater dress and black holiday sequence heels


Thanks :smile:


Just any background I choose or a specific one?


Any is fine




Hello, May I have a character edit from you @Cheyara_episode58 if you are available.


Of course, I’ll add you to my list :slight_smile:


Thanks (also is good seeing you again) :slightly_smiling_face: