The Magic Turtle Art Official Shop! [OPEN]


Yes sorry :joy: Thought it was to me haha


OH MYYYY ITS BRILLIANT TYSM!!! And yes I will credit you!!!


No worries honey, You’re welcome, I’m glad you like it :smiley:


Who is this request actually for out of the two of us? :slight_smile:


On the whole, I don’t mind but, whoever can do outlines then colour it x


You want a coloured in outline?


Yeah! Please :slight_smile:


You realise you are asking for an art scene right?


Oh? I was going to use it as a cover! Maybe put my own text on it as I’m still unsure of the name but was still going to credit you! I didn’t realise it was an art scene! Oops! If your to busy to do it then that’s completely fine! I know you don’t take requests for art scenes atm! x


As it’s being created from scratch like that with a realistic image too, it’s the work of an art scene, no matter what size it will be :slight_smile: Sorry, I’m not taking on any more of those until I have completed the rest of my list, I mean it’s up to @Turtle_Cat if she wants to try it, but as it’s not in ink style I don’t know, because that is her style that she works in.


Aww shame well thanks for understanding! Could you PM me when you are taking art scene requests again!


When is my cover gonna be done? I don’t wanna impose I just wanna know


i don’t really mind if u can do!


Well the reason I asked is because, yes I could probably create something like that and would have been very willing to give it my best shot for you, however your way of requesting needs work, to post the details and just a message saying “can u make something like that!?” Is very rude,
There are ways of addressing people to ask for something and that isn’t a polite way of doing it… So I am denying your request, As it states in the message recently posted on the thread as a reminder rude requests will be denied


@Cheyara_episode58, I don’t mean to rush you, but do you know when my cover may be done? :smile:


I’m actually just going to start working on it when I’ve finished what I’m doing, so hopefully get it to you today


i can’t wait! :blush:


Just double checking , I’m remembering correctly, you wanted both of them in wink pose?


yes please.


Here are your covers :slightly_smiling_face: hope you like them…
Credit: @Cheyara_episode58