The Mansion {Sign ups}


You have your own problems, never mind anything else to stack on your plate. All that changes when the death of a rich lady drags you into an unknown hell. Her name is Louise Williford; she lives in a huge mansion that is somehow stayed together over the vigorous years it’s been through. You are not related to Louise, you have no friends of Louise, the only thing you know about her; is the fact she was extremely rich. In her will she states: “I have chosen a small group of people to have a chance to be given my large inheritance and the mansion. To do this; they must find a way to live in the house for one month. They can leave whenever they wish, and let them be warned this is no ordinary mansion. It is plagued with ghost, demons, and sprits. Survive; you earn the right to sell the house, destroy it, or live in it. (And you will earn my millions) Goodbye and good luck!”

Will you survive? Or will you become another ghost damned to all eternity in constant torment?


  1. Cursing is allowed, but please, please put a little * over one of the letters.
  2. Romance is encouraged, but do not include inappropriate scenes.
  3. No real drama on the roleplay.
  4. Please do not make drastic changes without consulting me first.
  5. No homophobic, or racist characters. I don’t care that this is ‘just a roleplay’ that is offensive.
  7. Add as many characters as you please.
  8. You can be a ghost or a human (but only one or two ghosts per person please)




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I had forgotten to send the face claim in the boy I just sent. Sorry.
But here…


Is anyone still interested? @livvy613 @Ypsilon @riahh30 @dramaqueen.episode


Yes, lol but, I would like to recreate my characters.


Okay, but it’ll probably never take off…


Yes I am.


Livvy says yes