The matchmaking thread ❤


:kissing_heart: So the Matchmakers are here! Want a match? Comment below with your requiremnts. Go on dates with people we suggest and who knows? Maybe find a forum soul mate.

Seeking any relationship help? Feel free to PM any of the Matchmakers on our team!

The Members:


If you need a match please fill out the form below:


Are you a Girl/Boy?
You need a girl/Boy? Sorry to tell y’all this but we are not taking requests for guys now since there isn’t really all that much single guys here!
Your personality traits
What are you looking for in your partner?


P.S. If you think the idea is stupid,
You can safely ignore the message!

Hello I just got adopted and I need a dad for me and a dad for my mom

Ahhahahahaha you can try with me!


Yay! So any requirements?


Ummmm the only thing I really care is that it is a male…other then that you can do whatever


Sure thing then! Let me contact all the boys I know LMAO.


Hahahahaha good luck!


Sure thanks! Have a good day lol.


You too:)


Hey I thought that was my job?


Lol we can be a team lmao.




So onto yhe first case do you know any biy who would like to date?


hmm idk, there are not many boys here…but there is someone new called mark.


Hmmm maybe we should PM him?


That will be kind of creepy but eh.


Lol okay i’m gonna find him, then I’m gonna invite ya?
Omg why are we so creepy


Idk just do it i guess.


Omg you guys are scaring me


I did it…


Lol I’m scaring myself right now.