The matchmaking thread ❤


Time rush lol? Why?


BUT now seriously talk to you in a hour


I’m monatising mah table…LOng story brb




…Bye God help me


Mom, you’ve forgotten me.


Oh shiz! Sorry babe! I found you a match. I just forgot to tell you.


Oh ok


And your match is @Coolepisodes!!!


I don’t actually want to be matchmaked so that I can have a forums marrige. But I want to know who you think that my match would be.


Same that would be cool!


Are you a Girl/Boy? Boy
You need a girl/Boy? Girl
Your personality traits Socially awkward, try to find a way to peace in every way possible.
What are you looking for in your partner? I want a girl who is peaceful, and is nice, and super funny.

One thing tho, I do have low self-esteem. Just letting you know…


Is this person even interested?


:thinking: because I want someone to talk to @JHW but not like friends talking and I thought it might be interesting to try it out


@Sushi_lol find a man for me yet? Lol :joy:


I don’t really like that my match ignores the fact that I am her/his match :sweat_smile:


I thought @Coolepisodes was with @LeviTheLunatic? :sweat_smile:


Is she? Damn! She requested for a match and never told me that!




I think there has been a misunderstanding! Let me clear it up hun!