The matchmaking thread ❤


Ok finally :sweat_smile:


Ooof I’ll try, can you please send or PM me personality and everything :sweat_smile:


Actually don’t matchmake her without me tho. I kind of need to make sure that the person she is matched with is good enough.


Thank you for requesting! We’ll get back to you soon.


Don’t worry.


I won’t. But still I am going to want to know who it is before you match them. :joy:


No I meant don’t worry I didn’t match her yet. :joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy: Well when you do I will interview that person. Just kidding. Maybe. Maybe not. I hope I don’t scare whosoever it’s gonna be away. :joy: Anyways… you get the point right. :ghost:


I’ll try it :joy:


Great. Can you please fill out the form?


Of course!:heart:

Are you a Girl/Boy?. Girl
You need a girl/Boy? Either
Your personality traits sarcastic, introverted
What are you looking for in your partner? Someone who can make me laugh and is very active on the forums.



Got ya! Your perfect match is @Flora28!

@sofia2 I hope you don’t mind that I matched her. :sweat_smile:


Why can’t I …??


Why can’t you what?


I requested first …match me with Kaitlyn


No problem :joy:


I requested first


Actually it’s not about who asked for hun. It’s more of a whose personality matches most with whose kinda thing.


Mine matches too …


Actually I have got someone else for you!

So… @Kaju according to me your perfect match is @AtlasFlameAi