The matchmaking YALLLL

Rules are these:
If you don’t like this please write an essay (min 200 words) and send it to me. I will probably reasons after I read your masterpiece.
Write about yourself:
Are you looking for a boy or a girl?
What do you do in free time?
Hair , eye color and other stuff if you want to…
What is your fav music?
Your fav show?
Your fav movie?
Your fav cartoon?
Your fav song?
Your fav quote?
Your favourite subject?
Do you like any sports?
Describe your character:
Ect ect add more if you like .

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Good luck…there are barely any guys on here…and the ones here are already taken :joy:

Excatly what I thought lol. But it looked like a fun idea so I wanted to try.

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Haha hello there

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Hiya. Good luck with this thread!

None will reply I know

Nah they’re are a lot of thirsty people looking for relationships here.

You never know :woman_shrugging:

Yep I will never know. Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

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I’m never taken, at least not yet…

I thought we already have one? So this might be a duplicate thread :thinking:

I did know you couldn’t make two thrwads sor

Closed as this topic has already been made several times in the General Chat