The Maze Runner Roleplay.


If you still want to join, you will be coming from the box.

Made by @readerslivesouls
Don’t know what The Maze Runner is?

Confused still? Here! Open this for everything you need to know.

For my lovers of the Maze Runner.

Once you make a character, you get a free, customized personal character property of WICKD poster for your own self. Flash warning.
Lexa: @readerslivesouls
Alicia Woods: @Littlefeets
Alex Locke: @XMysteryX
Cora: @kerubiel
Blake Meza: @Krokoro
Daryl Monroe: @Krokoro
Kendra: @annaclaire721
Madeline Wolf:
Alexander Snow:
Margaret (Maggie) Mae: @ShortSpaces
Louis: @FinnTheGhost
Nikolas: @FinnTheGhost
Roxanne Hearts: @SilverStar
Rose: @SilverStar
Ask: @Tellyg47

The Maze Runner
The Gladers, who live in the Glade, are owned by the WICKED as experiments.
The Glade, where all the characters are located, is in the center of The Maze. It has four enormous walls surrounding it from the Maze. The walls open from the center every morning and close every night. In the Maze, there’s killing, horrifying creatures called Grievers.
The rules of The Maze?

  1. Trust each other; don’t hurt another Glade.
  2. Never go outside the Glade if you’re not a Runner.
  3. Do your part. There’s no slacking when there are man-made creatures ready to kill you in any second.

This roleplay will debut on 6/22/2018.

In a box, there you awake in a cold sweat, and you seemingly can’t remember anything from your past.
Do you either-
[A] Get up. Scream for help. If there’s air, there’s life.
[B] Be ready to fight in an instance.
[C] Try to escape the box. If you got in, there’s an out.

PM me your application!

  • you can have up to two characters.
  • I advise you to make your characters look like they belong in a post apocalyptic setting- look as natural as they can.
    ! is optional… also, the last name is optional.

!How long you’ve been here in the Maze/the Glade:


  1. Builders: Build places in the Glade:

  2. Kendra: @annaclaire721

  3. Priscina Dame L. Lim: @Aohebe_S

  4. Sloppers: Dirty tasks, strength is well needed:

  5. Cora: @kerubiel

  6. Froy Frosche: @Aohebe_S

  7. Baggers: Guards and deals with dead bodies:

  8. Nikolas: @FinnTheGhost


  10. Cooks: Prepare the meals:

  11. Margaret (Maggie) Mae: @ShortSpaces

  1. Track-hoes: Agriculture:
  2. Rain: @readerslivesouls
  1. Med-jacks: Doctors:

  2. Madeline Wolf:

  3. Alex Locke: @XMysteryX

  4. Alicia Woods: @Littlefeets

  5. Blake Meza: @Krokoro

  6. Slicers: Hunters of the Glade:

  7. Reginald/Ren @hey.twilla

  8. Rose: @SilverStar

  9. Ask: @Tellyg47

  10. Lexa: @readerslivesouls

  11. Ali Hiakaci: @Alyssiaaaa

  12. Runners: Only Gladers allowed to go into the Maze. They gather information about the wall movements to help jot down notes for their Maze runner maps; they are all responsible for their maps:

  13. Roxanne Hearts: @SilverStar

  14. Corey Marrow: @ShortSpaces

  15. Alexander Snow:

  16. Sofia: @Littlefeets

  17. Daryl Monroe: @Krokoro

  18. Louis: @FinnTheGhost

  19. reserved: @Wingsoffire

  20. Nicole: @DaydreamiiE

The 1x1/Small Group RP Thread

May I reserve for Runner (Boy) and Med-jack (Girl)? I just had to join I love The Maze Runner! :heart:

I’ll send you my characters later :slight_smile:


Reserve for a male runner and a female cook!


Reserved! :slight_smile:


You have me on there 2 times. You need to remove the part that says reserved.


My bad. Thanks! <3 Fixed.


Reserve for a male bagger!


Reseeerved! <3


Reserve for a male slopper, please? (not in jail though lmaoo) I’ll be sending in his info shortly!!


Resssssssssseeeeerved! :slight_smile:


Reserve for a female runner :smiley:


Spoke to you in the DMs. You are now reserved as a builder! :wink:


Can I be runner and doctor!


Both are boys


Both runner and doctor are reserved, the list isn’t edited yet. :frowning:
Choose another role and I’ll put you there as reserved ASAP! <3


I just noticed this. The Faceclaim isn’t needed?


It is if you what a customized character card for the Maze Runner, and if you want other roleplayers to have an idea of what you want your character to look like. But it all ties down to personal opinion- I reccomend doing face claims for the character card, but it’s your choice. :slight_smile:




The roleplay is starting tomorrow! Spots are still available; sign up while you can!