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10 contestant, 1 of them is the mole who is trying to sabotage the challenges!

Link to what the original mole is, for people that don't know!

It is a little different, but it is based on the tv-show! Your choices will decide whether the challenges are earning money or not, and there will be a test after every challenge and then someone is going home (well, be out of the SG)!

More info on the challenges:

I will tell what the challenge is and then let you guys make a choice (everyone on his/her own) but you can have contact (unless I tell you you can’t) so discuss.
The challenges won’t be on this forum, but I will just illustrate how they look

An example

Challenge 1
Max to be earned $3000
You are locked in this building. Your goal is to complete 3 different mini-missions in your room to get out and earn money. I will give a description of the mini-missions and what you need to do, and give you 3 options on how to solve every single mini-missions, but only one is correct. The choice the majority chooses will be the final one! You can discuss it since you are all in the same room. You will get 500 per solved mission and it will be doubled if you are able to get out, so if you solve all 3 of them.

There will be 1 challenge and then I will give you a list of questions and whoever has the least correct answers will be eliminated. The list for me to make those tests will follow (it will be 10 multiple choice questions, so that won’t take you a long time!)

Rules for joining:

  • You are only every single day, there will be a time limit for answering, that will be 24 hours! (You can be offline for a longer time, but then you will have to let me know, so I can find a solution)
  • You are gonna stick until the end!
  • You have read this whole topic!

I have no idea how long it is gonna take, but I guess 2/3 weeks or so!
It will probably take you max 30 min a day (or even less)

The form for signing up!

3 spots left!

@epi.alyssaa wanted to be informed!




Awesome! You are in!


Submitted the form!


There are 7 spots left!


Due to private circumstances I will not be online for at least the following 24 hours!


I submitted a while ago but didn’t know I was supposed to say it


i’ll reserve a spot




There are 6 spots left!


I signed up.
warning I have never done one of these before so I might not always know what I’m doing.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That is not a problem at all!


Still looking for 5 more people to enter!


Sorry to bother you but is there any way that you can let me know what I put for my character’s personality and the other stuff like that. Cause I honestly don’t remember what I put. But if you can’t that’s fine.


I will PM you the info soon!


Ok thanks so much!


Still 5 spots left


Hey just wondering when you are going to pm me the info? Sorry to bother you.


Oh, sorry, I thought I already sended it :woman_facepalming:
I will do it right now, give me 2 minutes!


Ok I partly wondered if that was the case. But it’s perfectly ok. Things like that happen all the time. :smile: