The MoonHub Restaurant


Welcome, everyone, to the MoonHub Restaurant!

My name is Moony, and I’m glad your dropped by :grin:!

Also, proud owner of this family restaurant :+1:.

Since you’re here, why don’t you take a look at the menu and decide what you’re having?

Kids’ Menu

  • Spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatballs - $8
  • Cheeseburger with french fries and ketchup - $9
  • Fried chicken with french fries and salad - $8
  • Mac and cheese - $7

Regular Menu

Burger - $13

Contains: Grass-fed beef, sesame buns, bacon, cheese, onion rings, lettuce, french fries

Cesar Salad - $12

Contains: lettuce, homemade dressing, croutons

Two eggs and bacon - $13

Contains: organic eggs, bacon, bread of choice, potatoes

Fried Chicken - $12

Contains: organic chicken (fried), french fries, arugula salad


Drinks (this is a family restaurant, so no alcoholics)

Soda: Sprite, Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper - $2
Shirley Temple - $3
Homemade lemonade $1
Fresh water (free)


Chocolate cake - $6

Vanilla spiced bread pudding with chocolate sauce - $7

Pie of choice - $5

Crème brûlée - $3

Thank you for stopping by!

PS: This is just for fun, so don’t ask if it’s an RP or anything.


Is this the place where you’re getting food for your wedding?


Yas :star_struck:


Ehh can I please have you smashed as a potato in ma sandwich with tomato sauce? sank iiuu

how much would dat be?


That GIF though


yeh yeh i know
a be da best! *open arm’s an trow’s crystal jar - OOouuuuooppsss gtg


How young to you have to be to be a kid? Some of the stuff on the kids’ menu looks really yummy. :smile:


14 and younger :wink:




Dang it! Too old! :joy: Guess I’d have to go with the adult burger then. :hamburger:


Sure! :grin:


dat be no pozzible?

aww dang it

I like to eat cursed ppl as smashed potatohs

ehh I’ll have the whole kid’s menu please and Ohh! and can I have it to go please? zank iu




Haha, interesting thread.

Since it’s still morning where I live, I’ll have two eggs and bacon for breakfast, please.

(Aaaaaaannnnnnd now I’m hungry in real life lol.)


Sure! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ignore the watermark…


Here you go sir! (I’m hungry too :rofl:)


Damn dat be too much
I’ll just stay with the hamburger and the nuggets, thank u

Oh and btw I do accept cradit card’s so you can pay me for eating :slight_smile: Dat be part of the curse-
*raises shoulder’s


I do accept credit cards too :star_struck:


uhh?? watchu takin about? YOU have to pay le meh 4 eating


Can I have a chocolate cake? :yum: