The Moonlight Hex

Hi Me and my brother are working on our very first story and are having some trouble with getting readers, we have an instagram purple_prisma.episode. That some people follow but we would love more reads as much as anybody. So I you want something new and exciting to read jump on over tho The Moonlight Hex!!

so here is a few little advice to get readers,

one promote your story, and by that I dont mean just write hey please read my story, because, why should I, I got no idea whats it about, why should I waste time finding it

I know that is harsh, though but most people think like that, maybe not as rude but generly

to get people to give your story a chance you need to make it as easy as possible for people to find it and be interested,

and you do that by

adding a link
show the cover
tell title and the description, and genre too,

it does people, know what it is, and easy can find, also I often try to search for a story and it dosent even show on the app,

secondly I advice doing some r4r, it when you both read each others stories, but do not ghost people its so rude,

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I’ll give it a go when I have the time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yes, Awesome.
Thank you so much for the advice I will do a new thread right now with a little more detail.
This was very helpful and sometimes people need that harsh attitude push that others won’t give.
Thank you for your honesty and advice I will take this all to heart!!!

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your welcome and good luck, getting reads on episode can be very hard though, I been here for years and I have struggled to get my stories to get any attention, even though I only been told how good they are, its hard work.

you can also try and see if some people wanna promote your story.

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Some people have on instagram but I will definitely try on here, also I would love to read and promote any of your stories, in honor of helping me!

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thanks for the offer but not needed, I am actually on the weekly shelf right now, its first time.

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Dang that’s awesome! Great Job!!

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I just posted a different thread about our story, would you mind looking at it and letting me know how it sounds? Please and Thank you

Duplicate closed. Refer to The Moonlight Hex Our First Story