The Move - Help Needed for Archiving


Hi everyone! Hope your day is great and all that. Well, for many of you it is March the 31st and that means that it is the last day the Old Forums will be there. Time flies, huh? I didn’t want to admit to myself that this was happening so soon, but it is. It is. Which means that we need to finish up our archiving of our favourite RP/SGs, before they disappear forever.

So some of these still haven’t been archived yet, so we all need to come together and work as a team to help make sure that these RP/SGs get slapped into a doc. I don’t think the old forums will be up after today, so it is imperative that these memories get saved.

So please, please, go onto the old forums using this link and assist the community in any way you can. Tag your friends and everyone you can because, geez, we all need the help we can get.

The Mystery of Sacred Hills: Anon
Fairy-Taled Signups: Scarlet
The Switch: Scarlet
Orphans: AwesomeAnon
New Ideas + RP Guides: Mehek
Galileo: Once/Purple/Fallen
The Hunt: Fallen
The Secret Society: Scarlet
Twins: L375
Gossip Girl (original): Anon
Dollhouse: the recreation: Musical

Above is the last list of incompleted Rps I last remember seeing, so if you finished any of these, please comment below and I will slowly remove y’all from the list.

Mad tag spam so others can see:
@Mashia @ScarletSwanHunter @Mehek @Ella @L375 @Vanille @TheBluGeek @LTea @Kittenlove @EpisodeGirl @Yeah09 @anime @CookieCrumbs @jdepisode @SillyCupcake22233 @FallenAngelNight13 @Cam @AwesomeAnon @MusicalVoyager @Once @PurpleRose @LittleElf @Aohebe_S @Rolo @CricketMaster

and that’s all Rpers I can remember on hand.


I finished both HAVS and Amor, I am currently working on saving as much as I can from Orphans 3


Also, if anyone wants to know about the general progress:

The Secret Society: Scarlet - Information copied, formatting in progress
The Arcana Wars: Rowan - Information copied, formatting in progress
Gossip Girl (original): Anon - Information copied, formatting in progress
Orphans 3: Scarlet - Information copied, formatting in progress
Fairy-taled: LTea - Information copied, formatting in progress
DICE: Chidimma - In Progress - Information copied, formatting in progress
Amor Nervosa: Catarla/Cam - Information copied, formatting in progress
Are You the One?: L375- Information copied, formatting in progress
Heroes And Villains School: Cam - Information copied, formatting in progress
The Switch: Scarlet - Completed
The Mystery of Sacred Hills: Anon - Completed
Dollhouse: the recreation: Musical - Completed
Orphans: Anon - Completed
Orphans 2: Ella - Completed
The End of the Rainbow: Mashia - Completed
Twins: L375 - Completed


Fairy taled is done. Just finished it. Just need to format


Also, suggestion for those who are archiving: change your settings to 40 posts per page, that way copying the info is faster


And how exactly is this done?


We definitely need to finish archiving the switch. I’d love to help, but how?


The switch is done. It’s on my Docs. I’ll transfer it later


Go to user settings and then to “account”, there should be an option to change the posts per page


Oh okay, great!


Okay, so we still need to archive:

  • XOXO Gossip Girl
  • Orphans 3
  • The Arcana Wars
  • The Secret Society
  • Whatever else you guys want to archive that’s not on the list


I’m doing orphans 3 now, and will hopefully finish it. But I have no idea for Secret Society


I can take care of Orphans if you’d like (I’m already on page 50 out of 171)


Alright. I’ll do Secret Society. Also Cam you are a life saver, the tip is amazing!


Whatever it takes to save our RPs, right?


I think The Arcana Wars is done.


I’ll help out with some of these archiving!


I am done copying Orphans 3!
I did it on a word doc in my computer because I couldn’t have google docs crashing when we’re racing against time, but I’ll upload it soon.


I don’t see it in the drive… there’s only a doc up to post 30 (last of the second page)


Do you think you can help with The Arcana Wars or Gossip Girl?