The Murders of Wellery Hall - RP/SG - SIGN UPS


It’s September 12th 1946.

You’ve just recieved a letter from someone you haven’t heard from in so long. Someone that’s been so distant, you had almost convinced yourself she was gone forever. But yet, here it is, her letter in your hands, – her handwriting quirky and nearly impossible to read, as always. There’s no doubt in your mind that it is – in fact – her letter. Tiffany Vanderbilt.

In the letter she tells you she’s getting married on the 5th of November, and that she’d really appreciate it if you came. She says she misses you, and that she knows things got a little out of hand the last time you two saw each other. But she still wants you there, more than anything. So you can meet, one last time – before it’s too late.

Her words worry you, so you instantly write back that you’d be more than happy to come, and you make sure to send it as quickly as possible.

Tiffany has been always an enigma, true, but something feels different this time.
And not in a good way.

Six people (and their companions) are all invited to a wedding they’d all much rather not be at. But they all feel that there’s something seriously suspicious going on, and since they all care very deeply for the bride, even though they might want to deny it, they all decide to come because of their worries that something is wrong.

All the guests arrive to Tiffany’s home – Wellery Hall – the mansion her family has owned for generations. It’s recently renovated, yes, but the building is several hundred years old. Only that would cause some people to worry.

But the guests are right to worry, because just as they’re about to close their eyes and drift off to sleep with the remains of the gigantic welcome-feast they were greeted with in their bellies …

Things start to happen.

Hi there and welcome to my new murder mystery roleplay! Oh no, some of you might think, another murder mystery roleplay that never leads anywhere and dies out! But that’s hopefully not the case with this one!

I’ve done some things to “fix” the problems that I feel sometimes make these kinds of roleplays die out:

  1. Before you sign up, you’ll have to do a test where I can find out things about the way you roleplay, like how active you are and which perspective your posts usually are in, for example. This can then help me determine if your way of roleplaying fits the idea I have for this roleplay. To get to sign up as one of the “main” characters, you have to score at least 4/6 points. But if you don’t - no worries! There are other characters that are called companions that anyone can sign up as! These companion-roles are basically characters that help main characters in some way. You also have more creative freedom with these characters, since they’re not necessarily written into the pre-written plot I’ve written, so you get to decide almost everything about them!

  2. I’ve decided to make this an RP/SG, which means you have free reign for the most part, but I have certain guidelines for how I want the story to develop before I let you roam completely free at the “climax” of the roleplay, when you have to figure out who the murderer is. You will understand what these guidelines are as the roleplay goes on, because I will DM you what I want your character to do at certain moments to help the roleplay in the right direction, aswell as make posts sometimes from a storyteller’s perspective. I have almost every part of the roleplay planned out, so I’ll make sure there’ll rarely be a dull moment!

Take the test HERE! Depending on your results, I’ll either DM you a link to either the main character sign-ups or the companion sign-ups!



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Hey, just to let you know. I almost always use past inside of furture or a mix of both. I misunderstood the question, just to let you know. @Ypsilon


I really like this idea! Not just the idea though, the whole test thing. cause ngl some roleplayers can mess up a rp by bad writing and characters, especially when it doesn’t correlate well, but i’m not perfect either so…


I’m so happy to see so many people are interested! I should mention, though, that the sign-up process might take a little longer since my internet is acting up at the moment. But I’ll make sure to send everyone all the links and update the faceclaims as soon as I can! (Which will probably be on Wednesday or Thursday) xx


I have rp-ed like twice, but this seems cool, so I guess I’m willing to try it out


WOW! Glad to hear that someone has a story completely planned out, to actually (want to) have it finished. As well as want amazingly detailed characters, 'cause you know, it is better to have quality posts over the quantity of them. :wink:


Wow! This is actually an amazing concept.


Super excited for this!


I’ve just finished the test. This RP looks really great :grin:


Ooh. This sounds interesting. I’ll take the test in a bit

Edit: Took le test.


hey i’ve just taken the test, i’d really be interested in making the sister character!


My internet is back, so I’ll be messaging everyone their results now!


bumping this


I’ll create the official thread as soon as everyone has signed up!


have all the parts been reserved? (the main parts - at least)




oh yess! glad to hear that - can’t wait for this :slight_smile:


Alright, since the person who had reserved the last character has backed out - main character sign-ups are now open for anyone that passed the RP-test!

If you want to be a part of this rp but haven’t taken the test yet, I’ve now re-opened the rp-test form!