🎵 The Music Mania Art Contest 🎵

Hello artists/editors, and welcome to the Music Mania Art Contest! :musical_note::musical_note:

This might’ve already been done before, but I’m not sure. Anyway, I will be collaborating with my two co-hosts to bring you this contest, which are @lvqbrl and @keiji!

This contest is also being hosted on instagram, so if you would like to enter there, just read the rules over there. Our instagrams: @/Problematic_Patrick, @/episode.leslie and @/darewrites


Here’s basically what this contest is: Depending on how many people enter, there will either be one, two, or three rounds. We haven’t decided yet. Every round will generally be the same, just with new songs. For the first round, we have chosen 50 different songs. You will have to pick a number 1-50, and once you do so, you will be assigned the song correlating to that number. Every song may only be picked once, so make sure you pick a number that hasn’t been picked yet. If we for some reason get 50 entries total from here and instagram, meaning all songs have been chosen, then we will either choose more songs, or we will allow songs to be drawn twice. Once you get your song, your task is to make a drawn edit relating to the song. Now, there are different things you can take inspiration from with the songs that you can base the edit on; the entire song, the mood of the song, a specific lyric, the music video if there is one…there are different possibilities. It is preferred that you list with your entry what specifically inspired the edit; it is not required, but it helps us to understand the inspiration more! When the deadline passes, the two other hosts and I will talk together and pick out the entries we like best. If there is a round two, more people will obviously be chosen, and if not, then we will pick the winners. The ones we pick will be chosen not only based on skill, but ALSO creativity and how well the art piece relates to the song/what the individual said they took inspiration from. That should be about it, if you have more questions just ask! Rules and more info below.

Rules and Additional Info
  • Getting your song :notes:: Reply to the thread with the number of the song you’d like. One of us will dm you with it. HOWEVER, since there is generally a pm limit, if we get multiple entries, it might be even better if YOU pm one of us, or all of us, the song that you want. It just gets you your song faster. Generally I think I’m the most active at least for now, but if I’m not, you can always create a pm with all of us hosts together and ask. The hosts are @lvqbrl, @keiji and myself. A warning though: Some songs/music videos may depict sensitive topics such as self-harm/suicidal thoughts. If these disturb you please don’t enter and risk having to watch one; the only alternative is having us “check” the song/video you get for something that might trigger you, but it might take a little bit longer.

  • Plagiarism :japanese_ogre:: No. If we catch you stealing someone’s ideas or trying to claim someone else’s entry as yours, you will be immediately disqualified from this contest, AS WELL AS any contests EITHER OF US host in the future. Call it extreme if you want but this is necessary.

  • Own Ideas :bulb:: The edit should be solely your own ideas and work. This means, the outline or the coloring generally shouldn’t be by anyone else either. Entries that use someone else’s outline, or feature someone else coloring it, have a lower chance of getting chosen, even if you give the person credit, as it takes away some of the creative process. It should be your own ideas and work only if possible. That being said, you can use someone else’s character details as the model or models of the edit.

  • Appropriate Themes :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:: Obviously, some songs might not always be happy-go-lucky. Some might have a more sad or a depressing mood to them. That being said, we’d like you to avoid drawing any art pieces with potentially triggering topics, such as: suicide, rape, abuse, prejudice, etc. If you are NOT SURE if an idea you have is too much or not, just pm us hosts and we’ll gladly let you know if it’s ok. It’s better to ask us if you’re unsure than to risk it and potentially have the entry get disqualified due to a rule violation. Additionally, overly sexual or drug related edits are not allowed; we will say that some of the songs may include references, but please don’t pick and choose those out to try and make an edit out of them. Again, just ask us if you’re unsure if your idea is too much.

  • Unwanted Music :roll_eyes:: Something you’re obviously gonna have to be ok with when you enter this contest, is that you might get a song you don’t like or would normally listen to. This doesn’t mean you will get to just keep picking a new one until you get one that you like, you get the one whose number you pick. If this is an issue, try not to enter.

  • Password :shushing_face:: Make sure to post the password with your entry! The password is Raise Your Glass

  • Edit Requirements? :white_check_mark:: Generally the edit should contain one character or more. However, it can also just include an animal if it relates to the song. Also keep in mind though, the art pieces have to be DRAWN not edited. However, if you’d like to enter with something non-drawn, just let us know; maybe if enough people would be interested, then we’ll change it.

  • Reminders :loudspeaker:: To increase the chances of you being able to submit before the deadline, we will give out reminders every few days. If you would like one of these every few days so that you don’t forget to enter before the deadline, tag us and let us know. We’ll add you to the list, and will post the reminders every now and then, tagging all the people who want them.

  • Extensions :clock6:: We will extend if necessary, however, keep in mind, the maximum we will extend this is a little over two weeks past the deadline. If you don’t get your entry in by that point, then unfortunately we can’t extend any longer. The reminders are here to avoid having to extend in the first place.

The deadline is one month from now, so October 6th, 2019!

Now for the prizes! How many prizes there are will depend on how many people enter. If there aren’t that many entries, there will only be a first. Otherwise, there will be a 2nd. And if a lot enter, then a 3rd as well, as well as potential honorable mentions. You will be getting a prize from all three of us if you place one of these.

@darewrites's prizes

1st: INK Edit with 3 or less people (edited or drawn), a main role in one of her stories, shoutout, follow back on instagram & spam of likes.
2nd: INK Edit with 2 or less people (edited or drawn), a semi main role in one of her stories, shoutout, follow back on instagram & spam of likes.
3rd: INK Edit with 1 person (edited or drawn), background character in one of her stories, shoutout, follow back on instagram & spam of likes.

@Problematic_Patricks prizes

1st: 2 INK or LL character edits (with a max of two people each, waist up), a follow and shout out on instagram, and a medium to large role in a story of mine.
2nd: 1 INK or LL character edit (with a max of two people, waist up), a follow and shout out on instagram and a small role in a story of mine.
3rd: 1 INK OR LL character edit (with one person, torso up), a follow and shout out on instagram

@lexlie's prizes

1st: An INK edit with 3 characters max. If you have instagram, a follow back, shoutout and a spam of likes on there.
2nd: An INK edit of 2 characters max. If you have instagram, a follow back and spam of likes.
3rd: An INK edit of 1 character max and a spam of likes if you have instagram.





And that is all! We hope you like the idea and consider entering! We look forward to seeing your entries! Good luck!

TAG LIST (Courtesy of @keiji): @Epi.milkyway @Neptune @sofia2 @Bridi @Turtle_Cat @Jayl @24aya @Silver_Shadow @PropertyofNae @Shuka @Bethany1

Numbers that have already been chosen (so you don’t have to keep re-picking)

    Edit: Here are 30 more songs
  1. Taken
  2. Taken
  3. Taken
  4. Taken
  5. Taken
  6. Taken
  7. Taken
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  15. Taken
  16. Taken
  17. Taken
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  19. Taken
  20. Taken
  21. taken
  22. Taken
  23. Taken
  24. Taken
  25. Taken
  26. Taken
  27. Taken
  28. Taken
  29. Taken
  30. Taken

number 15 pls ;))

posting the password with my entry

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29 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


i’m so exited omgg


Da number 42 :upside_down_face:

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okayy, message me for ur song :cowboy_hat_face:

if u’d rather not, your song is Thief by Ansel Elgort

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I mean I’m already doing so much stuff why not add to the pile :joy:
this seems like a really fun idea
Number 13 please

Raise your glass

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I’m hella scared. :grimacing: Number 25

Raise your glass

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Heya :eyes:

Number 35 please, raise your glass and would it be okay if you could check the song lyrics for triggering material? I’m not planning on basing my edit on the video, so no need to check that… :heart::heart::heart:

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yep, I’ll give you the song once I clear it :slight_smile:

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Fricken finally!!!

Raise your glass

I’ll have 32 *praise for a good song

I’m kinda in class atm and don’t have time to read the rules. Can we change a song if it’s not really our thing??

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we had technical difficulties :woozy_face:

You can’t but you can also take inspiration from the music video if the song’s not your thing, but im messaging you ur song :zap::zap::zap:


44 :relieved:

rAiSe yOuR gLAsS

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Number 50, please

Raise Your Glass

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Thank u wifeyyy


Cant go wrong with 7 right ? :joy:

Raise Your Glass

Sounds like an amazing contest! :heart: @Problematic_Patrick


49 :yawning_face:


This seems really fun!
Song 40!

I already commented that on insta under Leslie’s post

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22 (posting the pass with entry)

@Cassandra_Dean get over here! It looks fun!

I’m looking at the music thread so sorry if you already entered or didn’t want to be tagged.

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