The Must-Read Stories List


Recently, I’ve seen people asking what to read on the forums, so here is a list of all the stories you should check out, classifying them by category. Enjoy!

The Coding Royals
Stories here are worth your while for their amazing spot directing, effects, coding (system) along with a captivating story.

  • Adrenaline - Evil Ebonni
  • Infamous - Kayla Sloans
  • Bestseller - Ija
  • College Days: Dare to Dream - Sarah Robbins
  • The Infected - Caitoriri

The Jokers
Stories here will make you laugh with their undeniable humor and light-hearted vibe.

  • I Hate Zombies - Kayla Sloans
  • Boyfriend For Hire - cpc
  • Felons - sruth
  • DEAD 7 - Kayla Sloans
  • Haute as Hell (Featured) - S. Langdon
  • Bad Boy Bachelor Island (Episode Original) - Olivia Briggs
  • Back and Forth (Featured and Community available) - earlgreytea

The Mental Breakers
Stories here will move you and make you question the entire world. They will leave you speechless with their amazing psychological effect.

  • Let’s Play Pretend - Shania R.
  • Revival - Angie S.
  • Adrenaline (Yes, it’s here twice) - Evil Ebonni
  • Beneath the Surface - S. Langdon
  • The Marriage Counselor - Joriemar
  • The Game - Amber J.

The Good Timers
These stories will move you, make you smile, cry, laugh and believe in love.

  • Back and Forth (Yes, again) - earlgreytea
  • The Plus One - Castel
  • Hate you, date you - Sundae
  • The secret of Rain (Featured) - Joseph Evans
  • College Days: Dare to Dream (It’s amazing, seriously go check it out) - Sarah Robbins
  • Death’s Game: A New Era - earlgreytea

Of course there are many more that deserve big shout outs, but I promise you you’ll die just to have more passes if you go through that list. Share your thoughts and stories you think should make it on this list :blush:.

thank you for the list!

in the future, can you do one with different genres?

Sure, did you have some in mind?

i would appreciate it if you did fantasy :))

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I’ve read Adrenaline, Dead7, Infamous, and Back and Forth, I’ll have to check out the rest.