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It all began with a living opportunity, Fifteen individuals, all of which are holding on to endless amounts of riches, have confirmed their purchases of what are rumoured to be some of the most luxurious homes on Earth, located in the quiet town of Magnolia. A sixteenth, however, missed out on the opportunity by just minutes, but they are not going to miss out on the opportunity to live in Magnolia, and they will do whatever it is necessary to fulfil their own selfish desires, even if that means murder.

It was for that reason that the news of the sudden death of one of these individuals spread, just a few days before anyone had moved, and came to startle the remaining the remaining 14, anything of this magnitude was not expected, much less in a place as peaceful as Magnolia had seemed to be. They informed the mayor of Magnolia, just to learn that the investigation was already in progress, but a place like Magnolia required their residents to be there during the investigation, so mayor Marigold decided to invite all of the buyers, and unknowingly, the murderer into the investigation as well, not knowing they were the one who committed the crime.

However, the group of 15 could not remain in their homes with the on-going investigation, and after a week of no results, they resolved to join the investigation and informed the mayor of their decision. That is how they were split into 5 teams of 3 individuals. The first individual of each group had a special role, given to them because of the skills they had shown earlier in their lives, and they chose among the other ten to ensure two of the members of each team would be innocent.

These teams must work together, finding clues to solve the mystery of who committed the crime, where it happened, and what was used to do so. The murderer, on the other hand, has plans to eliminate every last one of those individuals who took away their chance at luxury, and they aren’t stopping any time soon.

Good luck, and make the town of Magnolia proud.

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And here is the archive of the RP in case anyone is curious about it.

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A small reminder: it is a common practice for both RPs and SGs sign up to reserve before submitting a character, and it is even more important in those which have a nature similar to this one, where there is a limited number of spots for players to fill. Please reserve before signing up. If you do not reserve I will not take your characters into account.


I’ve never done an SG so can somebody explain what this is?


This is an excerpt of a guide @AwesomeAnon wrote on the topic:

SG: Short for story game

Starting off SGs: The official thread will be posted by the owner of the SG. All you have to do is read it and have your character made a choice.

Story Games are very different than roleplays, in fact, they live in opposite worlds. The signup process is the same as RPs, and SGs have Faceclaims as well. But other than that, they are completely different. In an SG, the creator of the SG will write chapters. It will be the prompt that plays out with your characters. At the end of the chapters, you have your character make a choice.
Here is a quick example:

Violet looked around and brushed some of her hair behind her ear. She wondered who to talk to. She saw two girls. One had long, black hair and was reading. The other had bouncy platinum blonde hair and was using her phone.

Theresa stood behind Violet. She wanted to get out of her comfort zone and not be stuck to her sister’s side. On one hand, she could walk away from her sister, but on the other hand, she could stay with her.

Julie pulled her long brown hair into a ponytail. She checked her phone for a minute and then walked out of the hallway to the library. After reading for a bit, she decided to do something else. She could go anywhere in the school.

@ Violet’sCreator Who should Violet talk to?
@ Theresa’sCreator Should Theresa leave or stay with her sister?
@ Julie’sCreator What should Julie do now?

At this point, you will PM your choices to the owner of the SG so they can start writing the next chapter based on your choices. It is based on the situation they get put in by the creator of the SG. The SG will continue with the creator writing chapters until it comes to an end.


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I should probably add a few important links here…
Here are the faceclaims, SG roles, and SG information.




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Please submit your characters before the first of May, you have a month to make them. I’m eager to see what you come up with.


21 days left to sign up.
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