The Name Is Not Letting Me Change the Display Name

When I let my reader name the best friend in the story, I had to make the display name [FRIENDS] because what I put in the parenthesis was (FRIENDS) but it says “Only uppercase letters, numbers, and spaces allowed in character names.”

What is the friend’s original name?

FEMALEAVATAR4 is the original name

What would you name her?

What do you mean what would I name her?

What would you name your friend? Ex. Stella, Anna, etc.

Oh! I would name her Jenna

Change her display name to JENNA

Then in script can write something like:

What’s your friend’s name?

input What is her name? | What is her name? | Done (JENNA)

@pause for a beat

Your friend [JENNA] looks amazing!



No problem! You can even create a new character called JENNA and let the reader name her using this technique : )

So if you created a character called JENNA in your script you can write:


This means that JENNA would look exactly like FEMALEAVATAR4 and have all her features.

That is so helpful… I didn’t know you could do that!!! Thank you so much!!!