The Neverending War RP


Hello everybody!! I’m creating a RP called “ The Neverending War “


There are four kingdoms at war

  1. The Kingdom Of Neverseen
  2. The Kingdom Of Nightfall
  3. The Kingdom Of Havenfield
  4. The Kingdom Of Everglades

Each Kingdom is at war with one another. It’s been going on for centuries and nobody knows when it will end.

The Neverseen Kingdom is one of the peaceful kingdoms that was forced into the war because of citizens being captured.

The Nightfall Kingdom is the one who started the war.

The Havenfield Kingdom is neutral, and will fight anybody who tries to harm them.

The Everglades Kingdom went to war with The Nightfall Kingdom.

I need 4 rulers ( one for each kingdom. Gender doesn’t matter )
Havenfield- @LovingLostCities

Then there are the knights ( any gender. Please try to even out the numbers )

Then there are the citizens ( any gender. Please try to even out the numbers )

Then there are the Elites. They have special abilities that nobody knows. If you’re interested, PM me. Please do not reveal your powers if you are an elite for plot purposes. There can only be 2 per kingdom.
Neverseen- @LovingLostCities
Nightfall- @CrazygirldY_dY_dY
Havenfield- @Ella
Everglades- @livvy613

Set up your character thing like this,

Oasis Kala


Everglades Elite
Light Skin
Dark Red Wavy Hair
Small Lips
Sharp Cheekbones
Green Eyes


She’s an ambivert ( 25% Extrovert, 75% Introvert ). Oasis was named after her grandmother and comes from a long line of Elites. She lives in the Everglades with her sibling ( @ ) Her powers are very strong, but she doesn’t know it. @ ______ is also an Elite. They serve side by side together. More In RP

I will send out random events like,


Do not RP for anybody else other than your own character. Do not send out random events unless I give permission. If you have any other questions, PM me. Have fun!!


Reserve Havenfield ruler and Neverseen elite


reserve Havenfield elite


PM me what you want your power to be.


Hey, we are happy to have you want to start RPing here.
However, there are certain rules we follow in this forum. Your RP doesn’t quite follow the criteria. You need to add a more detailed description for people to know more about the story and what you’d like to see happen in the RP. How is your going to play out and can you give more detailed descriptions of the kingdoms? Also, before posting, we also try to ask and recommend that people use the ideas thread to see how many people actually want this RP to happen. This also helps to generate a group to tag to participate. On sign-up threads, which I assume this is, others often use google docs for sign-up sheets and Faceclaims. You don’t have to, but it is easier to keep track of profiles!

If you want to RP, then all you need to know is here!
Please read it, so that everyone follows the same guide.



Reserve 2nd Havenfield Elite


Andromeda Willows


Havenfield Elite
Light Skin
Black Thick Straight Hair
Full, Scarlet Lips
Sharp Cheekbones
White-ish/Gray-ish Eyes


She’s confident, outspoken, bold, and rebellious. But she knows who to be loyal to and who to not trust. Was born and raised in Havenfield with two perfectionist parents.


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