The New Girl by Saige Mercer *REVIEW* (part 1)


Hello everyone I’m Isabella and I’m new in Episode, well not that new because i have read like 4 or 5 stories but this is my first time reviewing a story. The last and my now favorite story is The New Girl by Saige Mercer. Saige has made very clear that the story isn’t over so that’s why this is the first review of this story. The new girl is about Jade, the new girl in a little town in the south of California. Jade is a beatiful girl who is really nice and sweet. The first day of school she meets Alex her new BFF. The same day the two of them start tacking, Jade sees for the first time Landon Wilder and his friend Hunter. At the second Jade saw Wilder she totally felt for him, but she was and still is to abiscious to accept it. The plot of the story is the relationship between Jade and Landon including all the drama that happens at school and outside. I started The New Girl sunday morning after I finished Double trouble (btw i’m doing a review of that story 2) and I am already at the last episode. I’m telling you, if you are looking for a story read The New girl!! Everything about this story is just great, the dialogue is great, the animations are fantastics and the chemestry betwen Jade and Landon is just consuming. @saige you did a GREAT job!! I love your story!!

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If you liked this review pls write on the comments which story i should read next!!!


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Totally agree! When I first joined Episode, which was several months ago, I read The New Girl, and it’s literally my favorite story! I feel like it’s a classic, and Landon’s personality is exactly like mine, heh. :grinning:


OMG i love u???!??? THANK U SO MUCH :’))))


Thanks!! :slight_smile:



LIKE CAN WE BE BFF??? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I know, right!! I love the plot of the story, like, at the beginning of the story jade is a good girl and she is afraid of the first day of school, but when she starts hanging out with Landon we can see the change between jade on epidose 1 and jade on episode 15, Landon changes Jade, but the most impresive evolution (apart of Emily of course:joy:) is the way that Jade changes Lando he is a totaly completely man!!!


Thanks! that’s my favorite part about it! :slight_smile:



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