The new guidelines and my opinion

This isn’t just about @bukii.epi of course Im happy for her now that she doesn’t have to change her whole story.
But that doesn’t change anything. The guidelines are still the same, some of these are understandable but some not.
Episode posted in their story that we are allowed to have 5-10 punches that’s good, but still like I said the guidelines are the same nothing much changed. Hopefully the community didn’t change their mind and are still fighting for equality.

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Recently, we’ve seen a lot of talk about our guidelines surrounding crossovers, specifically featuring characters from Episode community stories.
While we know this is confusing, our guidelines specifically do not allow the use of other people’s copyrighted material in stories on the Episode platform. Episode authors are the copyright holders of their work and this means characters, plot-lines, etc from one Episode story, cannot be used in another Episode.

Excuse me? If both authors allowed the crossover what’s the problem, a crossover isn’t even possible without the other authors knowledge.

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No graphic / explicit / detailed descriptions of rape / assault / violence / gore / etc.
Torture cannot be depicted on screen

My whole story is about rape, assault, violence, murder and how much these events changed my character and her personality.
Now I can throw my whole story into the bin.
My character can only talk about these events and not show it in my scenes.
I understand that episode is 13+ and kids should not see these kind of events.
Are warnings not enough? The reader should decide if they want to see such scenes if not they can leave the story.
There are a lot of stories like mine where murder etc plays a big role what does episode wants us to do stop writing? Thank you very much.
What do you think about the new guidelines, these are my opinions you have no right to send hate to me.

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