The new/ maybe old now episode format

Am I the only one who hasn’t had the new/ old app layout? The one were you can make polls and add writing on the actual episode app were your followers can answer things and so on…? Is it even released to everyone yet? I see a lot of people I follow with it. And it’s not me needing to update the app I’ve checked and it’s all up to date.


i think it’s still in beta testing so only certain people have it? they may give it out to everyone soon since they’re removing some stuff & updating things so you’re not the only one !


if you’re an apple user they haven’t seemed to update it for some

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Okay Thankyou! I thought that it didn’t support my phone anymore (iphone 6s) but it’s not old so I didn’t think that was it!

I don’t know what you mean, probably the new social site of Episode app, which hopefully we all get eventually.

But what is new in my app, and is quite ”dangerous” is Log out button where it shouldn’t be.

Check screenshots:

Log out button/ text is at bottom right of the Create section.

Dangerous it is because we can easily click on it, unwillingly, because it stays there even when we scroll.

Can you @Jeremy notify staff about it?

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Hi CoraMae,

The Log Out button being placed there is actually a deliberate change. Thanks for the feedback, however. :slight_smile:

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How about making a real button from it? Then it would be visible, because only as letters it fades with the background. :heart:

(More we’re old, less we see :smiley: And i plan to be here long, but I’m already old :smiley: )

I will certainly pass that suggestion along. :slight_smile:

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