20 years after Gaia’s Blood was split, you have arrived at the newly formed, Camp Half-Blood! You were collected by a satyr and now lead to Camp Half-Blood! But people have been disappearing like , Percy Jackson! Percy was kidnapped, along with Annabeth , Grover, Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank and Leo! The Famous Seven have been kidnapped! Only monsters that are really powerful would be able to do that! Can you and your group rescue them???

The Roleplay starts with your character waking up in the morning and getting ready for a trip. Some of you might know where you are going or what you are but some of you don’t know. After everybody managed to get into the camp all the new half bloods will be greeted by others and they will show them to their cabins.

Gods and Goddess
Face Claims!!
Camp Half-Blood Layout

If you have any questions go ahead and ask me or @MysteriousAcro .

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Adolphine Stone
I wake up, shutting my alarm clock. Then I remember that I’m going somewhere and stand right up. I don’t remember where I’m going but I love going trips, so I smile. I wake up and go to the shower.
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ORP: How can we approach you while you’re still at your house? @Kate_Potter

I woke up this morning to a familliar and a strange soft voice. Both of them were shouting at each other but still I could only here some of the words.

“You … … me … a god !”

The soft voice shouts “Why … I … you? … need to send … me … blood camp.”

This is a serious situation. Somebody actually managed to anger my father. I go closer towards my door and open it jsut a crack to hear everything.

“You selfish thing. You’re gonna take her away from me for such a long time. Why would that be a good thing?”

“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I’m a god and our daughter is a demigod, but I wanted for you not te believe I was just some sluty god that comes down jsut to have sex with people and leave my children to the fathers. Just imagine how hard is it to be a god. Just do it for her. She has powers and she might use them in public if she isn’t careful. People will know then. Catastrophy would happen. Send her to the half-blood camp to learn to use them. And she will meet a lot of people just like her. Trust me. se won’t leave you like I had to. I miss you, still.”

Holy crap … Does dad actually belive her?

I close my door slowly so they wouldn’t hear and I tip toe to the bathroom and started brushing my teeth. I heard a knock on the door of my bedroom and dad calling my name.

“Honey It’s time to go to a camp. Your mother is here.”

I get out of the bathroom and look at my dad with a you kidding me look and said “I know I’m gullible but even I know I don’t have magic powers.”

Dad just looked at me with a sad face and said “She has evidence. Now honey. Let’s go or you’ll be late and you won’t know what to do.”

I went to my room to see my mom already packed my luggage … Everything I need except my clothes. I packed a few favorite clothes in and I put on a simple outfit that I paired up in a rush. It looks quite cute considering I didn’t have time to match anything and decide how it goes along. After a long car ride where my mom explained everything to me I got into the camp. I saw my dad couldn’t get in to the camp. My mom waved to me while my father was trying to find out why he can’t walk in so I waved back to her. I ran from them trying to find the place where I’m supposed to be.

ORP: Approachable