The new 'set' command not working?

Am I doing something wrong? I formatted it just like the announcement post and for some reason keep getting an error. I also tried using @set but it’s not valid.

Day 2 of it not working

Did you try to use the command in the script? meaning have the characters say [outfit_comment]

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Variables: SET command :handshake:

  • String variables can be used with SET command! These can be displayed in dialogue with replaceables. For example:
    • set my_favorite tuna fish
      How is the [my_favorite] on toast?
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Yes, I literally copy pasted the exact same code and get an error :melting_face:

maybe add a space between the narr and the command?

Nope shouldn’t make a difference. Either the command in the announcement is wrong or they forgot to add it.

Day 3 of it not working :melting_face:

If it doesn’t work, then you should contact the episode team about this

Hopefully this helps! :cat_shocked:

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I will!

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P.S is the command working for you? I’m wondering if the error only happens with me :sob:

No it doesn’t works unfortunately :sneezing_face:

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Sorry about that folks! The team is aware of this set command issue, and they’ve already started work on it. The fix for this should be available in our next portal update. As soon as I have more details, I’ll be sure to share them with you all ASAP.


Thanks for the heads up! :blob_hearts: It’s such a cool feature and I can’t wait to use it.

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