The New Speechbubbles are here! Thoughts?


I’m so excited for the new speech bubbles! They look awesome!

I updated my episode app and low and behold, EVERY episode story (including my own) has the new speech bubbles! I think they look awesome but I’d love to hear what you guys think about them? What are your thoughts? Opinions?


Something I really like about them is how the bubbles open up as the words are being typed up/ revealed. :heart_eyes:


Yeah, that’s really cool. I definitely approve of this new update :smiley:


I love them! They really match the more recent character styles as well.


I have mixed feelings. They look cool, but I noticed that the names are sometimes spotted incorrectly and they cover the character’s faces. I even had a stray thought about checking how my stories look like at the moment, but nah, there is no way I’m gonna do it :neutral_face:


Am I the only one not seeing them?


@clemenlea I don’t think everyone got them, but they’re working on it so everyone will be able to have them soon.


@Annieways that’s probably because they’re still in the beta testing stage. Episode will probably patch the glitch soon.


Yeah, I figured. But I’ve seen more people talking about having them so I thought they finally released it to everyone.


@clemenlea Honestly, I don’t get it either. I was literally just reviewing my story and the new speech bubbles just popped up.


Do they look that different than the originals?


@clemenlea here you can see what they look like on the link


Ooh I see…


I do not think I have gotten the update yet…


Yea, unfortunately if you don’t like it, you can’t go back to the original style. Maybe try updating your episode app if you haven’t gotten it yet?


That sucks! I mean, I actually like them but I do see people being upset at the names covering certain things?


@clemenlea yea, it’s still in beta mode. But luckily they updated it so you can change the color whenever you want.


There is no way of going back, huh? :thinking: They look cool, I guess, but it seems as though they are too small… Like really small… What do you think?


@Brooklyn_writes Wdym by small? They seem to be the same size to me…


Well, when I preview they are much smaller for me then the last ones, but I guess that is fixable. However they look better than the former once. One question, do the text effects work on the new speechbubbles, cause I don’t see any change… :thinking: