The new subscription

As people are aware there has been a new subscription “VIP” this is $6.99 or £5.11 per week. Both have the same money value it’s just a different country. We also used to have an unlimited passes package too for £10. Heres what both would give you
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VIP for £5.11 per week

  1. Unlimited passes on official episode stories only for 1 week
  2. No adverts for 1 week
  3. 50 gems at first then 10 gems every day after that (total of 110 gems for 1 week)

Unlimited passes £10

  1. Unlimited passes on all episode stories for 30 days
  2. No adverts for 30 days

I’m wondering how many of you use this subscription, how many of you used the older unlimited passes and which on you prefer. This might give an indication to episode as to what is more popular.

  1. Which one of these subscriptions have you used?
  • I use the VIP subscription
  • I use/used the unlimited passes package
  • I have used both
  • I haven’t used either of them

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  1. Out of them both which do you prefer
  • I prefer the VIP package
  • I prefer the unlimited passes package
  • I like them both
  • I don’t like either of them

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