The new vip beta

So after a new update I was excited thinking I would get the $9.99 ad free back with the new update. Instead I click on the app to see this!! :flushed: I’m not sure whose idea this was but it’s really bad. This feels like a force to push people to again only read featured stories. And the price is crazy. I’m hoping no one tries this out and this beta is gone very fast. I wondering what others think of this idea and how they feel about episodes taking away the $9.99 pass free. Or are you one of the lucky ones who still have it? Because I have heard some have gotten it back.


I haven’t gotten it back but I’m waiting for it. Last time I had the 14.99/month offer of unlimited passes w/ community stories but didn’t buy it in time lol.

I personally think it’s a good deal (unlimited passes on community stories) since they’re also including daily gems, 2x completions and unlimited replays for $5 more but that’s just me.

The one you’re showing isn’t worth it since it’s only featured stories though.


Omg that one I would definitely buy this one isn’t worth it at all :weary::woman_facepalming:t5: I hope I get that one next to try !!

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I have the same offer, and I refuse to buy it. I have seen some people with the same kind of deal but with unlimited passes for any stories including community ones

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This is a nice package, but I would pay $14.99 for it :grimacing:

I don’t know why but I would like to buy this package because for me 6 passes a day is enough for community stories at least for me. 2 gems after reading Episode Official stories is something I am looking for and 10 gems everyday is just amazing!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I mean it is a lot cheaper than the other deal they had. :woman_shrugging:

The other deal was roughly £6.99 for a week from what I have seen (correct me if I am wrong)
So £6.99 x 52 = £363.48 a year
Now it is £14.99 a month.
£14.99 x 12 = £179.88 a year

So it is much cheaper, I myself would not buy this because I don’t have the money but I don’t know why everyone would freak out of changes. They are going to happen at least it is more affordable than last time by £189. I mean it sounds like a not bad deal if you can afford to not only pay for it or be on episode that long in a day. I mean 10 gems daily, pass free on episode featured stories, 2 extra passes, no ads, 2 gems for completing a featured chapter and unlimited replays sounds like a good deal to me for 14.99 a month. What you already get in episode should be enough for a day unless you are doing mass reading of stories. Sure it might not seem as good a deal to your old one. Also only wishlist people and people desperate for gems read their stories so since we are on there for free they do need to get money from somewhere. There are some really bad decisions episode have made but compared to other ones this is not that bad in my opinion. I respect yours and others opinions on this but some people are acting like it is the end of the world. It just seems trivial to me. :woman_shrugging:

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I believe that people just want to be able to get a good deal. I myself paid for the $9.99 unlimited passes with free ads for the entire year. I liked it because I could read whatever with ads. I like the extra gems and get the extra price but wish it was directed for all stories as well!! And by posting I’m hoping episodes will see it and make changes as they do pay attention to the forums as well!!

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Community stories aren’t unlimited lol. Not worth.


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I have this offer as well right now. But really don’t understand why. PreviousIy I had ViP with unlimited passes also to community stories, ViP was more expensive, sure, but it was worth buying. On my Apple account I never read single community story and I’m not going to change it. So, They can take this back.

I‘ve got a new VIP offer as well after they removed the old one but the only thing that has changed for me is the price. Previously it was 16,49€ for a month and now it‘s 14,99€ a month. I still wouldn‘t buy it.

VIP without free passes for community stories sucks and 2 extra passes each day is kinda ridiculous.